Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Cuticula Scented Nail Tape Tutorial

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Today I'm sharing another experience with Cuticula Scented Liquid Nail Tape.  Cuticula is a liquid latex base product that is utilized during nail art to save time on clean up as well as making clean up a LOT easier.  Kristin, owner of Cuticula, sent me her mini Fall Trio in the scents of Candy Corn, Cinnamon Roll and Pumpkin Pie.  They also come with adorable nail decals that go with the scent!  My first mani, I used it for a blood splatter look.  Today I will be showing a sponging technique with stencil decals.

I will be sharing a special treat....a new addition.  I am trying my hand at a video tutorial of what I did for my mani.  I started with Fair Maiden Polish Off With Their Heads, then I added a quick dry top coat.  After it dried, I painted on Cuticula in the scent of Cinnamon Roll on my skin around my nails.  Once that dried, I added Twinkled T feather decals.  I took Yoga Pants from Drip Drop Nail Paint onto a sponge and sponged it on to get a thin opaque layer.  Before it has a chance to dry, I pull off the decals (the Cuticula came with it) and presto - a clean nail!  I finished off the look with easy clean up and Gem Glam Top Coat from Dream Polish.

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And here's another shot of the final look!

Other products used:
Polishes: Fair Maiden Polish Off With Their Heads, Yoga Pants from Drip Drop Nail Paint, Gem Glam Top Coat from Dream Polish
Products:  Twinkled T Feather Nail Decals

Loves:  This was the easiest clean I've done with a sponged mani!  The cinnamon roll smelled so good.  The best part is that the scent lingers on your fingers after you take it off.  I also love that it dries quickly and is very easy to use and control with the brush.  These little minis are the perfect gift for your fellow nail art addict too!  I also love that they come with nail decals to help inspire some nail art.

Wishes:  I wish I would have discovered products like Cuticula earlier!  I could have been doing all these fun manis without the difficult clean up!!

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