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Nails Redesigned Calm Your Tips Hand Care Line First Impressions

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Today I am sharing some delicious nail care products from Nails Redesigned's new hand care line call Calm Your Tips.  When I say delicious, I mean that they smell SOOOO good, I was tempted to eat my fingers a few times and even my husband was craving some cookies and candy!

Now let's get to some products!
First I'll mention the product that I was drawn to and have almost used up in the last 2 weeks!  The Gingerbread Hand Scrub, which releases November 15th.  This smells scrumptious!  I truly want to eat my fingers!  The sugar is fine enough to use a few times a week and leaves a light moisturizing oil on your skin to allow for further softening.  This scent is limited edition for winter and I know I will need to get a full size of this baby.  My husband loved this sweet cookie scent as well.  Ingredients: white sugar, demerara sugar, coconut oil, fragrance oil

Next product I have been using (it's 1/2 gone now!) is the Witch's Brew cuticle oil pen.  This is a Limted Edition scent for Halloween and is available now.  It smells like a hot cider with notes of cinnamon along with apple.  I love cuticle oil pens because it allows the oil to get into my nail nooks and crannies without my fingers getting all oily from spreading it.  If you are a fan of fall scents, this is a great addition to your nail care collection.  Cuticle oil ingredients: jojoba oil, vitamin E oil, avocado oil, apricot kernel oil, rosehip seed oil

I was also sent a full size of cuticle oil in the scent of Limoncello.  The full size cuticle oils are in the roller ball packaging and carries 1/3 oz of product.  Limoncello is one of the permanent scents.  I love citrus scents - they awaken and brighten moods and leave you more alert!  So not only will this cuticle oil moisturize your cuticles, but impact your mood too. Cuticle oil ingredients: jojoba oil, vitamin E oil, avocado oil, apricot kernel oil, rosehip seed oil

Another amazing product I was sent was a few Apple Orchard Mani Bombs.  They smell like fresh cut ripe apples and made my hands feel so soft.  They come in a two LE scents Apple Orchard and Witch's Brew as well as 3 permanent scents of Peach Tea, Cherry Bomb and Limoncello.  I will post a video of one of them on my Instagram and Facebook sites.  Ingredients:  baking soda, corn starch, citric acid, salt, apricot oil and frangrance

Along with mani bombs, the Calm Your Tips line also includes pedi bombs!  Who doesn't want to have soft and moisturized feet?  (No video for this one....I know not everyone likes feet.)  They are slightly larger (more bulkier) than the mani bombs and contain baking soda, corn starch, citric acid, epsom salt, apricot oil and menthol crystals for a soothing relaxing soak.

To accompany the pedi bombs, there is also Relaxing Foot Scrub that has a courser grit to smooth out your feet.  Ingredients include sea salt, almond oil, Himalayan Pink Salt and Menthol Crystals for soothing relaxing scrub.

To maintain a healthy nail shape every nail addict should have a good glass file.  At first, I was very scared of them...but I have learned that they are a lot gentler on your nails when filing and allow for more control over nail shape.  I now keep one at my work desk (this one from Nails Redesigned), another in my living room, a few in my mani cave and another in my purse.

The last product I have to share is the Caramel Espresso Sugar Hand Scrub.  It has a medium course grit, so it's a great product to use once a week.  It contains ingredients that help with anti-aging and let's just say the smell of coffee wakes you up too!  It comes with a re-usable wooden spoon for scooping (adorable!).  Ingredients: demerara sugar, coffee grounds, coconut oil, vanilla extract, cinnamon

Loves:  I am really impressed with all these products.  I love that she thought about our toes as well as our hands and ensuring that our feet are pampered too!  I love the Fall scents and the combination of adding in coffee grounds (I love the smell of coffee).  I will also add that I absolutely love the name of Sara's nail care line too!

Wishes: Oh man....I can't think of anything else to add to this collection.  Using all these products really made me feel like I had a day at the spa (I just needed my husband to give me a back rub!).

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