Sunday, October 18, 2015

Fun With Flags and Love Angeline Polish Nail Art

Greetings and Nailutations!

Today I am doing a link up with some fellow bloggers who are all fans of The Big Bang Theory (TBBT)!  We are all doing manis inspired by a flag, in honor of Sheldon Cooper's You Tube Show Fun With Flags. If you don't watch TBBT, you are missing out, the character of Sheldon is a hoot!  (And as an engineer....I love seeing a show about fellow nerds!)

The first step was thinking about a flag....I thought....and thought.  I almost gave up...literally and wanted to paint my nails all white, but I decided to do a deconstructed flag of the state I currently live in: Arizona.

I never knew there was an actual meaning to the design and colors of the Arizona flag - this research has been enlightening.  The red and gold stripes (13) signify the 13 original states and inspiration from Spain's flag.  The colors of red and gold also represent the beautiful sunsets we see here.  The copper star represents one of the industries that Arizona was famous for: copper.  The bottom blue represents one natures strongest carvers - the Colorado River (it carved out the Grand Canyon).

I used Love Angeline Polishes: Shandy, Bourbon, Red Wine and Manhattan.  The stripes started with Shandy and then I applied a quick dry top coat and straight Nail Vinyls and Red Win.  For the star I started with Manhattan (blue) as the base and then used a white base of China Glaze's White on White with Nail Vinyl star and then topped it with Bourbon, to make it brighter.  I topped the mani with Gem Glam Top Coat from Dream Polish.

Now onto the nail art photos!

This was such a fun theme to work on and I love how it turned out.  I hope you enjoyed my nail art and be sure to see below for links to my fellow Hobby Blogger's Fun With Flags Nail Art.

Happy Polishing,
Kristi aka @BeginNails


  1. I never knew that about Arizona. How cool is it that the influence came all the way from Spain. So cool!
    Great nails.

    1. Thank you Dina! Love this idea! :) Thank you for proposing it to all of us.

  2. I love this mani and the colors in the Arizona flag. Well done!

  3. Stunning mani and the meaning of the flag are interesting.

  4. This is so pretty and those polishes look so good :)


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