Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Cuticula Scented Liquid Nail Tape Review

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Today I'm sharing my experience with Cuticula Scented Liquid Nail Tape.  Cuticula is a liquid latex base product that is utilized during nail art to save time on clean up as well as making clean up a LOT easier.  Kristin, owner of Cuticula, sent me her mini Fall Trio in the scents of Candy Corn, Cinnamon Roll and Pumpkin Pie.  They also come with adorable nail decals that go with the scent!

I will be sharing the mani that I created using the Pumpkin Pie scented Cuticula and my experiences with it.

I started with a tuxedo mani, as seen below.  I wanted to make it more appropriate for Halloween and what better way to spice up a mani?  Add blood splatter to it!

Red creme polishes can and will stain your cuticles and skin, so it is best to take precautions using a product like Cuticula.  I applied Cuticula to my skin as well as flooded my cuticles with it to ensure that no red creme polish would even think about trying to stain my cuticles.  It dried extremely fast and as soon as I was done with my pinky, my pointer finger was dry.  You can tell it is dry by the color change.  The Pumpkin Pie scent grew stronger as Cuticula dried and it made me crave....you guessed it pumpkin pie!

Once the Cuticula was all dry, I grabbed my favorite red creme and a bobby pin.  I dipped the loop end of the bobby pin into the polish and pulled it out and hovered it slightly above my nails and blew hard in little bursts to get the look of blood splatters.  I did this until I was happy with the look.  As you can see, I could have gone a little farther up my finger with Cuticula.  Lesson learned: don't be shy with Cuticula, she will protect you!

Then I removed my dried Cuticula from each finger, taking most of the red creme with it.  I also included a photo (2nd photo below) of my mani pre-clean up.  Look at how easy my clean up job will be with just the addition of Cuticula!!

And here is the final look!

Other products used:
Polishes: Blank Canvas from Candied Apple Polish, Yoga Pants from Drip Drop Nail Paint, Little Red Dress from Polish My Life, Gem Glam Top Coat from Dream Polish
Products: Vinyls from Nails Jewelry Bling

Loves:  I love the fall scents of this trio and Pumpkin Pie is my favorite!  The best part is that the scent lingers on your fingers after you take it off.  I also love that it dries quickly and is very easy to use and control with the brush.  These little minis are the perfect gift for your fellow nail art addict too!  I also love that they come with nail decals to help inspire some nail art.

Wishes:  I wouldn't change anything with Cuticula.  For me, I can use latex based products and have no allergies....so if I was to wish for anything it would be for the gals out there that are allergic to latex to have a product like this to be able to use.  I'd love to see Kristin carry some non-latex base products too for my friends who are allergic.

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PS below is a tutorial of what I did:

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