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Dream Polish Summer Escape Collection First Impressions

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Today I am sharing my first impressions with Dream Polish's new Summer Escape Collection.  Dream Polish carries nail care items (and the occasional polish) like base coats, top coats, latex barrier, cuticle oil, cuticle balm and most recently lip balm.  The best part is that she carries all these items in seasonal scents along with her original scents.

Now lets get to some reviews!

First I will start with the product that I use several times a day....why cuticle oil of course!  Vanessa (owner of Dream Polish) scent me Gem Glow Cuticle Oil in the scent of Hawaiian Orchard.  It is described as "intensely sweet" with notes of "mango, orange, banana, pineapple and melons" on the scent description.  If you liked her Jelly Bean scent, you will love this one.  I have been using it for the last 5 days several times a day, after washing my hands and before bed and my cuticles look great.  It is a bit too sweet for my personal preference, but when I craved sweet snacks and stuck this on it crushed my craving!  (New diet product??)  I do love the packaging of the cuticle oil pens.  It helps apply the product to localized areas and it's perfect for a purse/travel.  Below I have a few photos of applying the cuticle oil (and naked nails!!  oooh la la!).

Next product is Gem Glow Cuticle Balm in the scent of Tropical Mojito.  Tropical Mojito is one of my favorites of this collection.  It is described as "juicy lime, sugar, mint and rum with notes of exotic fruits, sparkling berry and a touch of violet."  It is sweet, fruity, light and refreshing.  I definitely need to pick up some other products in this scent.  This product has changed formula since it initially started out.  It is much softer and perfect for nourishing your cuticles.  I use this before bed and sometimes rub it on my hands and throw cotton gloves on before bed.

The next product (no photos available) is a sample size in the scent of Sun + Sand Gem Glam Cuticle Balm.  Same perfect formula mentioned above, but in a small little sample size.  It is describes as a "clean scent with notes of orange blossoms, ylang ylang and a touch of musk."  Before reading the description the first thought to describe the scent was sitting on the beach and smelling the sand, ocean and sunscreen - it truly whisks you away.

Smooth Gem Base Coat is the next product I'm using in the scent of Tropical Mojito.  Any permanent mani I do is base coated with Smooth Gem or Gem Stick Base Coats (and sometimes both depending on what colors I am using).  The base coat still had the sweet fruit scent that I loved in the cuticle balm.

The last product I received is Gem Glam Top Coat - which is my go to top coat.  It is fast drying and always has a pleasant scent.  I received a bottle in the scent of Bird Of Paradise, which is described as  "nectary floral with subtle base notes of fresh fruit."  This scent was divine!  I may need to get some additional products in this scent as well.  Gem Glam Top Coat always has a wide brush that makes application easy. Photos show it over Black Luna Lacquer's Jaded (1st photo), Polish Me To Go's Ever After (2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th photos) and over some nail art with Gem Smooth base coat, Drip Drop Nail Paint Yoga Pants and Tighty Whities and Joha's Love Nail Polish Evergreen and Tropical.  Stamp was FUN4 stamping plate and What's Up Creative Nail Stamper.  Ring from Twinkled T.

Loves: Great summer sent that really take you away to a tropical island, on the beach drinking a nice fruity drink.  The cuticle products (oil and balm) are nourishing and moisturizing.  The top coat and base coat are necessities for any mani too!

Wishes:  The only wish is I am hoping to get more products in the scent of Tropical Mojito and Bird of Paradise!

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