Friday, May 2, 2014

Charmingly Simple Nail Art Product Review

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Today I have a special treat!  Something different...something new to the blog, which I hope to incorporate more  Review on nail art supplies!  Charmingly Simple Nail Art is a new company (opened May 1st) that sells nail art supplies out of the U.S.A. for a great price.  The nail supplies include: dotting tools, rhinestones, studs in gold, silver and neon shades, glow in the dark rhinestones, wax pencils, midi rings, striping brushes, glass files, and bows.

Now let's get to some swatches or rather some fun uses I came up with for the samples Elyse sent me.

First mani I used Fuchsia Swarovski Flat-Back SS5 Rhinestones and Clear Swarovski Flat-Back SS5 Rhinestones together.  I used Innocence from Pure Nail Lacquer and then used striping tape to make a stripe design and topped it with matte topcoat.  I decide to add the Swarovski Rhinestones at the cross ties of the pattern.  They went on easily with topcoat as a glue.  They sparkled brightly and I even caught a photo of the shine!  Best part is that they are re-usable once cleaned off.

Next I used the Emerald Swarovski Flat-Back SS5 Rhinestones and Fuchsia Swarovski Flat-Back SS5 Rhinestones in a simple side accent on top of Earthbound from Ethereal Lacquer.  Again, topcoat was used as glue to stick the Swarovski Rhinestones in place.  I wore this mani to work so I topped the rhinestones with topcoat to protect them.  It smoothed out the corners of the stone cut, but kept them on all day safely.  Again, these rhinestones were cleaned off and will be used again.

The gold hearts were used with a red Essie and a glitter striper to create a glitter gradient.  The hearts easily applied with topcoat as a glue and shined bright in the light.  I loved how these turned out!

I wanted to try to create a flower out of the supplies Elyse sent me and so I used the 3mm Glow In The Dark Rhinestones, Jet Swarovski Flat-Back SS5 Rhinestones and 3mm Drop Studs.  I used it over a base of Pure Rebirth.  I liked how it turned out.

Lastly I used a Rhinestone Starfish charm over Arctic Ocean from Stardust Polish.  I loved the look of the Starfish and it adds sparkle to any mani!

Loves:  Easy to use, multiple use, sparkly sparkles, great pricing and tons of supplies to choose from! My 1 year instagram anniversary is approaching in June and I plan to have a giveaway - there will be supplies from Charmingly Simple Nail Art!

Wishes: I wish I had larger nails.  Although I love the Starfish and the 3D Acrylic Flowers that were included in my blogger package they were a little too big for my nails.

Charmingly Simple Nail Art is located on storenvy.
Instagram: @charminglysimplenailart  (Make sure you follow for sales and stock updates!)

Happy Polishing,
Kristi aka @beginnails

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