Monday, May 14, 2018

Digit-al Dozen: Inspired by Polish Those Nails

Greetings and Nailutations!

It's a Digit-al Dozen week and this week we are being inspired by each other.  There were no boundaries, but I like rules, so set some up myself.  I selected manis does for previous Digit-al Dozen weeks and picked 5 different looks.  This week I am inspired by Marisa of Polish Those Nails.

Let's get to the details!

Products used:
Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer - Bound To The City Life
Glisten and Girl - Top Coat

I started with 3 coats of Bound To The City and topped it with a glossy finish.

Marisa is amazing at creating patterns, her eye for flow and movement amazes me.  I selected a recent mani she did Indie Love.  I used 2 stripers (orange and yellow) to create a similar pattern and topped it with a glossy top coat.

I love how simple yet bright this is!  Be sure to give Marisa a follow!  And check out the other manis below!

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Kristi aka BeginNails
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  1. I agree, simple but still fun to recreate!

  2. So cute, the pattern reminds me of the fashion of the 60s!

  3. This gives me such a 1960s vibe, love t! Retro cool.

  4. The BEG nail base is so beautiful. I think it's fun to see how you made this so unusual.

  5. I also started the week with a look inspired by Marisa! Love the one you did!

  6. I never saw the original design so I'm glad you used it for this look! It's such a creative design!

  7. Such a cute nail art. Love the color combo.

  8. What a cute look! I love how it turned out. I'm loving this prompt because I'm seeing a lot of color combos and designs I would have never dreamed of.

  9. That's a great interpretation! I tried doing a nail look inspired by Pshiiit a few years ago, but failed miserably haha!

  10. Marissa always comes up with such neat looks!

  11. Super cute design. Love the colors together!

  12. I love this bright and vibrant mani for the Summer!

  13. This is really cute! I adore the base color.


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