Friday, November 10, 2017

26 Great Nail Art Ideas: Animal Print in the Wrong Colors

Greetings and Nailutations,

Today I am posting a fun mani for a prompt with 26 Great Nail Art Ideas - Animals Print In The Wrong Colors.  I also wanted to pair it with some neons for All About The Stamp 80's Neon Challenge.  Combine those two ideas and you get....BOOM - in your face neon leopard nails!

Let's get to the details.

Products used:
Polish 'M - Harlequin (press sample)
Bliss Polish - Bebe En La Playa
Clear Jelly Stamper - Big Bling Stamper (press sample)
China Glaze - Fairy Dust
Lantern & Wren - Mani Defender (press sample)
Moonflower Polish - Noche (acquired from Lantern & Wren)
Glisten and Glow - Top Coat
It Girl Nail Art - IG112 Plate (press sample)

Pointer/middle fingers have 2 coats of Bebe En La Playa and ring/pinky have 2 coats of Harlequin.  I used IG112 for the leopard pattern and Noche along with the Bing Bling Stamper to create a fun pattern.  I had to top that with some Fairy Dust and then added a top coat.

The 80's were my childhood (well and the 90's).  I have fun photos of neon clothes as a kid.  Did you rock neon pattern in the 80's?  Were you even alive in the 80's?

Happy Polishing,
Kristi aka BeginNails


  1. What a cool design. Not sure I'd wear it for more than a day but it would be attention getting for that day.

  2. Neon animal print is the way to go! I'm a 90's kid, but I didn't rock the neons. My Mum was the baby-pink-powder-blue kinda girly dresser so those were my shades at the time LOL.

  3. Animal prints are awesome for nails but neon leopard, yes!!

  4. I didn't have very many neon items but the ones I had were not my doing haha

  5. I only ever like animal print when it's in the wrong colours.

  6. Love this! I'm not huge into animal prints but neon and glitter are wins for me. I am a '90s kid -- born in '85, my earliest memories are from around '89 -- and these definitely would have matched my style at the time (vintage hand-me-downs, ha!).


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