Monday, June 5, 2017

3 Empties: Ole Henriksen Cleansing Clothes, Clear Jelly Stamper Cuticle Protect and Vapid Nail Sauce

Greetings and Nailutations,

It's another installment of 3 empties, where I review 3 products I have used up and express my opinion on how well they worked, how they smelled, their packaging and if I'd make a repeat purchase.

Now let's get to the empties!

The first product that I used up is Ole Henriksen Clean Truth Cleaning Clothes. These clothes are supposed to cleanse, brighten and hydrate using Vitamins.  I used them after an initial cleaning off of my makeup as these clothes did little to remove cosmetics.

Scent: strong orange citrus scent.  I shoved one of the cleansing clothes at my husband's nose and asked him what he thought it smelled like and he said pine.  
Packaging: plastic pouch 
Buy Again: While I enjoyed the scent and the idea of the product, I don't feel like it didn't anything for my skin, so I would pass.

The next product I used up was a latex barrier from Clear Jelly Stamper.  I received this as an extra from the brand.  I love latex barriers - they make nail art clean up so much easier.

Scent: Smells like latex (no big surprise).
Packaging: adorable mini bottle, which I expected it to dry up rather quickly - however the formula was very thin so it never dried up!
Buy Again: I typically prefer thicker formulas but Cuticle Protect did a great job getting into my cuticle nooks and nail crannies.  I did have to apply 2 coats to get a clean peel after nail 'arting' though.  I would probably pass on picking this up in the future (I've been spoiled with scented latex).

The last product I have to share in this post is Fortune Cookie Soap perfume oil in the scent of Pearls and Girls.  I've used perfume oil 2 different ways.  First after a shower, I place it at pulse points and then put some on my hair.  Second I have ordered "generic" base of shower gel and added perfume oil to scent it.  It's a sort of create your own scent and DIY project all in one.

Scent: FCS's online store describes Pearls and Girls as a "distilled vanilla creeping with wild jasmine and a splash of juicy pear."  I loved this scent and it was perfect to transition from winter to spring.
Packaging: While I loved the look of the dispenser, I was very disappointed in it's function.  It leaked, refused to spray (oils don't work well with sprays - stick to roller balls please FCS) and it became slippery.
Buy Again: I have a few more perfume oils to use up and I'm loving the one I'm currently using (in roller ball of course).  I would purchase again!

Have you tried any of these products?  Did you have different experiences with them?  Do you put date of purchase on your products?

Happy Emptying,
Kristi aka BeginNails


  1. I think I go through more packets of wipes than anything else.

  2. I haven't tried any of these, but this post also doesn't make me want to try them. haha It's a shame about that spray not working.

  3. You said Vapid nail sauce in your title but it's not in your post! *gasp* :-P

  4. That perfume oil sounds splendid.

  5. Glad to know that latex doesn't dry up quickly!

  6. Haven't tried any of these products. Thanks for the information.

  7. I prefer an unscented face wipe so when I had those Ole Henriksen I used them for swatches mostly.

  8. Some really nice products, the perfume sounds lovely x

  9. Nice empties!! I totally fell behind on mine because I keep testing things non stop for the past 3 months.

  10. Fun empties! I don't date my items. I like to live dangerously =)

  11. Haven't tried any of these. I do love girly Bits border patrol latex barrier

  12. I HATE when perfume leaks- I feel like I take it so personal!

  13. Great review. Too bad to read about the flawed dispenser design.

  14. Great round up! Always on the look for wipes but sensitive to scents, I certainly will avoid these.

  15. This reminds me that I really need some new liquid latex. Mine dried up! :(


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