Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Polish and Dreams Duo: Alchemy Lacquers and Red Eyed Lacquer Collaboration

Greetings and Nailutations,

I am finally coming off my high of being in Las Vegas for the Polish and Dreams event.  Meeting new makers, seeing old friends, and buying so many of the pretties!  My goal is to swatch through the things I purchased and I'm starting off with a collaboration between Alchemy Lacquers and Red Eyed Lacquer.  These 2 makers are beautiful inside and out - I sat with them at the Glitter Gala and had a blast.  They are my kind of humans (sarcastic, funny, and creative)....I did have to look over the fact that they both eat celery - ew.  

Let's get to the details.

Name: Wild Nights and Bright Lights Duo
Price: $21
Availability: Pre-order, available over at Alchemy Lacquers and soon at Red Eyed Lacquer

First up is Bright Lights in 2 easy coats with a glossy finish.  It is absolutely stunning.  It's so pretty that I considered wearing this a FULL DAY (now that is commitment to me liking a polish).

Next is Wild Nights (WOO HOO...I feel like the name needs a little "woo hoo" after it).  Wild Nights (WOO HOO) is one of the info-mercial polishes....hear me out.  It's a gorgeous polish...BUT WAIT, there's more!  It's also magnetic!!  BUT WAIT!   THERE'S MORE!!  It's also THERMAL!!??  WHAAAAAAAA?  That's right - 2 coats of Wild Nights (WOO HOO) with a glossy finish is shown below. 

Initial photo has tip on pinky/ring/middle finger with cold - darker green.

Loves:  What a great collaboration!  I love what was created here and the new logo for the collab is adorable!

Wishes:  This needs to be an on-going thing....MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Alchemy Lacquers

Red Eyed Lacquer

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