Wednesday, March 16, 2022

KBShimmer's The Lounge Set Collection

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KBShimmer's new collection is all about relaxation, unwinding, and resting.  The Lounge Set Collection contains all the sparkles and reflective glitter and shimmer in combinations never seen before!

Let's get to the details!

Name: The Lounge Set Collection

Price:  $11 each

Photo details: All photos show 2 coats of polish along with 1 coat of Smooth Moves Glitter Smoothing Top Coat and then a coat of glossy finish.  Images taken in filtered light, LED light to showcase the shimmer, and also with flash to showcase the reflective glitter.

First up is Drawn To You, which is a muted, grey-leaning perwinkle with copper shimmer that shifts from yellow to green as well as red and in the flash the silver reflective glitters sparkle.  Formula is glitter heavy, so it could be a 1 coater.


Next is Love You Brunches which has a deep violet base along with the silver reflective glitters, the shimmer is copper and magenta that picks up gold and bronze.  Formula is glitter heavy, so it could be a 1 coater.

I Knead You Now is a mint base polish with color shifting shimmer of green to violet, fuchsia to sky blue along with reflective glitters.  This is the only one of the collection where the formula is a little different and definitely needs 2 coats for complete opacity.  

One of my favorites of the collection is Lounging Around.  Lounging Around is a reflective glitter polish with an aqua blue base, and shimmer of  blue, indigo, purple, emerald and turquoise.  

Mask Me Again is an avocado green reflective polish with shimmer that shift from pink to gold to a few shades of greens.  This is such a unique polish!

The next reflective polish is Novel Idea.  It is a deep purple with color shifting shimmer of rose to gold, green, aqua along with peach!

Of Quartz reflective polish is a delicate rose shade with shimmer shifting from rose, lavender, gold, green and aqua and in the right light some coppery red sneaks in there too!

Next we have Self-Reflection, a metallic polish with shades of gold, copper and lime shimmer along with reflective glitter.

The last polish is There's A Nap For That, a bright pink with red to orange/gold shimmer along with the reflective glitter!  This is my other favorite of the collection.

Loves: I was happy to see a collection of reflective polishes!  They are so fun and dynamic.  The addition of shimmers really sets them apart.

Wishes: What else can be done - magnetic?  Thermals?


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