Tuesday, March 29, 2022

April Indie Pick Up: Tonshi Mountain Studios Uranium Glass

Greetings and Waxutations!

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Polish Pick Up/Indie Pick Up is almost here and I am here to share with you a wax melt from Tonshi Mountain Studios!  This month's theme is Periodic Table.   This engineer by day, is loving this prompt and the creative take from the brands!  Tonshi Mountain was inspired by Uranium and created a really unique wax.

Let's get to more details!

Name: Uranium Glass
Price: $4.50
Size: 3.0 oz
Throw: 4/5 - Fruity and tart! 
Cap: None

Brand Description: Green Apple, Lemon Grass, Fizzy Pop

Cold Sniff: The green apple is the headliner!
Hot Sniff: While the green apple is the strong front runner, you get a slight lemon grass to round it out.

The fun part of this wax melt is that it is UV reactive!!  Photos captured in natural filtered light and LED!

I also filmed a wax melt video!  Trigger warning - there is slight flashing of lights and light variation in this video as the capture rate and my LED didn't play well together.

Loves:  I'm a fan of the scent of Honeysuckle, and I love Fresh Cut Grass, so this was a win for me.
Wishes: I want more of Honeysuckle scents!  Paired with different fruits and florals!

As a reminder - all Polish/Indie Pick Up products can be purchase on their website April 1st - 4th.  Everything is $3-$5 flat rate shipping.  Join their Facebook Group to find out all the details!

Tonshi Mountain Studios

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