Thursday, December 16, 2021

Tonshi Mountain Studios: December Polished Gamers Box God of War - Freya

Greetings and Waxutations!

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Polished Gamers Box is in full effect and this month's theme is God of War.  Tonshi Mountain Studios was inspired by 

Let's get to more details!

Scent: God of War - Freya
Cap: None
Price: $4.50
Size:  3oz total
Throw: 3.5/5 - I melted half of 1 piece and the scent lingered around the wax melter.  Only when I got close did I really smell it, but then I felt it followed me through the house as I walked.  It's like the scent was waiting for me to visit it and then it explored with  me.
Mix: Parasoy wax, Fragrance Oil, colorant, mica

Brand Description: Evergreen, Woody Pine, Cedar, Berry, Vanilla

Cold Sniff: It smelled like I was at a Christmas tree lot, holding a hot cranberry drink with some vanilla cookies in the distant.
Hot Sniff: The notes I picked up the most were the Evergreen/Pine and the Berry.  

I also filmed a wax melt video!

Loves:  Great winter scent - gives that outdoor scent with a little cozy berry and vanilla thrown in.

Wishes: I wish this one was a little stronger.  Next time I melt this scent, I will melt a larger piece.

All products will be available December 15th - 20th at 2pm EST on the Polished Gamers Website.  They will be available for a 5 day pre-order.  Some items are capped, so you will want to act fast!  Shipping is $4 Flat Rate US Domestic, with international being at cost.  Turn around time will be 3-4 weeks post the end of pre-order.

Polished Gamer's Box

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