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Red Eyed Lacquer Going Solo Fall collection

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Today I am sharing a collection created by Red Eyed Lacquer called the Going Solo Fall Collection.  Bianca, the owner of Red Eyed Lacquer, was inspired by her favorite Author, Roald Dahl.  The collection consists of 6 cremes and 1 topper.  I love a good creme collection and I decided to focus this blog post on what I use cremes for the most - NAIL ART!

Let's get to the details.

Name: Going Solo Fall Collection
Price: $52 for all 7 polishes or $8.50 for the cremes and $10 for the topper
Availability: Available September 17th, 11am EST

First up is But He Made It To The End, inspired by Esio Trot.  It is described as a brick red creme.  Photos show 2 coats with Tip Top.  This is my go-to shade on my toes during the Fall.

The nail art I decided to showcase on But He Made It To The End was some Fall matte leaf stamping.    These cremes looks so classy with matte finish.

Next is No One Who Is Good Can Ever Be Ugly, based on The Twits.  It is a darker orange creme.  Photos show 3 coats for total opacity with Tip Top.  This is truly a unique shade and not one I currently have in my massive collection.

One of the other swatchers, Teri, had showed a sneak peek that the polishes water marble, so I had to play with that technique and LOVED how easy they were to work with!  Here I have No One Who Is Good Can Ever Be Ugly as the base and then water marbled with it along with Dreams Is Full Of Mystery and Magic.

Then we have the Secret Plans and Clever Tricks inspired by The Enormous Crocodile.  It is an olive green creme.  Photos show 3 coats for total opacity with Tip Top.

For the nail art, the one thing Fall brings -- PLAID patterns!  I love a good plaid pattern and I had to pair this lovely olive with a pink and gold.  They go so well together.

Dreams Is Full Of Mystery and Magic is the deep navy creme of the collection and it is inspired by The BFG.  One of my favorite fall shades is navy.  Photos show 2 coats with Tip Top.

The color reminded me of a cool Autumn evening, so I had to add stars to it.

One of my favorites of the collection is a polish inspired by The Witches.  This is officially the longest titled polish I have ever swatched.  This is called It Doesn't Matter Who You Are or What You Look Like, So Long As Somebody Loves You and is described as a deep eggplant creme.  Photos show 2 coats with Tip Top.

I couldn't resist some more Fall foliage and matte finish.  LOVE!

The last creme of the collection is What The Cuss?! It is inspired by Fantastic Mr. Fox and is described as a milk chocolate brown creme.  Photos show 2 coats with glossy top coat.

The nail art on What The Cuss?! is inspired by my friend Sarah of 25 Sweetpeas.  Her nail art is always so fun and carefree and always hand done.  In this look, I used all of the polishes in the collection!  Can you spot them all?

The last polish of the collection is a topper called A Little Nonsense Now And Then, Is Relished By The Wisest Men.  It is described as a blue/green/teal shimmer and blue/green shifting flakie topper and is inspired by the Great Glass Elevator.

I wanted to show how it looked over a few shades, so I started with a skittle of 4 of the colors.

And with those flakies and and shimmer, I knew I had to mattify it.

Loves:  Cremes - what do I love about them?  They are the perfect base for nail art.  And when you add that they can water marble!?  Sign me up!  Psst - they also stamp!  WHAT!?  yes!

Wishes: I am hoping Bianca continues with cremes for every season!  We got a collation of delicate pastels for Spring, we have these great Fall shades - I can't wait to see what I hope she has in mind for Winter!

Are you a creme polish lover?  Do you use them as nail art or just a classic mani?

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  1. The inspiration for this collection is fantastic, and the shades are so perfect for the fall! I’m not sure which I love the most!

  2. I love the plaid mani! Also all the colors with the flakie topper and matte top coat!

  3. When I was teaching I read my students the Roald Dahl books and created voices for the different characters. This was a long time ago but those students still tell me that they remember the experience. Knowing that he was her inspiration makes me admire these polishes even more.

  4. Your nail art is so beautiful! I really like the leaves and stars.

  5. I love creams even though I am too klutzy for all
    But the simplest nail art. This is a perfect fall collection. I especially love the brick red. Love your nail art with these shades, the leaves especially! And the topper is a beauty 😍

  6. Dreams Full of Mystery and Magic is exactly my kind of shade! I love vampy navy cremes.

  7. What a nice fall collection! Loving all the muted tones, especially But He Made It To The End - she's a beauty!

  8. That mustard yellow has to be my favorite shade! So beautiful for Fall

  9. What a dream team of colors! Water marbling? Stamping? Looking amazing glossy or matte? Love them all!


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