Thursday, June 4, 2020

June Indie Pick Up: Ginger Fizz Boutique Italian Margarita

Greetings and Waxutations!

*Press sample*
Today I am sharing with you the contribution from Ginger Fizz Boutique for the June Indie Pick Up!  The theme this month is Cocktails and Mocktails.  I knew she would create a delicious fruity scent.....Italian Margarita!  I personally have never tried an Italian Margarita, but now I really want to add that to my "next time at the bar" list.

Let's get to more details!

Scent: Italian Margarita
Cap: 75 US/ 25 UK
Price: $6.00
Size: 3.0 oz of wax shapes
Throw: 3.75/5 - I melted 2 little pieces and the living room, kitchen, entry way and formal dining room were filled with this scent.  I will add that our air conditioning has been running constantly due to it being 110 now here in Arizona, so that may have stifled the scent movement.
Mix: soy wax blend
Color: there are yellow margarita glasses and green lime wedge and they have DIFFERENT scents!!

Brand Description:  Yellow margarita glasses: margarita, lime, and amaretto.  Green lime wedges: lemon and lime scent.

Cold Sniff: The almond creaminess of amaretto with the fruity of lime and lemon blends so nicely!  I pulled out the yellow margarita glass and got the amaretto, lime and margarita - yum!  Then I separately pulled out a lime wedge and it was fruit-tastic!  I did 2 separate melts.

All I needed was a refreshing beverage of a....well....Italian Margarita.

I also had to include a melt video.  Enjoy!  (My husband turned the kitchen light off while I was filming...apologies.)

Loves:  I love that she had 2 different scents in the bag, so you could create your own!  This concept is creative and allows the customer multiple scent profiles!  Margarita, lime, amaretto or you could melt lemon and lime or you can melt both!

Wishes: I really like this concept of create your own scents, I hope to see more!

As a reminder - all Polish/Indie Pick Up products can  purchase on their website June 5th - 8th.  Everything is $3 flat rate shipping.  Join their Facebook Group to find out all the details!

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  1. Love the shapes. It would be fun to burn two complimentary scents.

  2. This would be perfect for summertime. I like the shapes too


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