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Colorful Colorado Collaboration Box

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Today the Colorful Colorado Indie Box releases.  What is the Colorful Colorado Indie Box you ask?  Why it is 6 indies coming together, all from Colorado and all using landmarks from their beautiful state to inspire a polish!  My first impressions are on my IGTV, so head there to get my thoughts and reactions.  

Let's get to the details!

Products: 6 indie polishes from 6 different brands
Price: $60 + shipping
Availability: Pre-order June 20 - 27, on Zombie Claw Polish

*Alphabetical order
First up is Bluebird Lacquer's contribution called Squared Away.  It is described as a sky blue crelly with orange-red-gold flakies.  It is inspired by the Garden of the Gods.  Photos show 3 coats (my free edge is very prominent and I needed 3 to cover the visible nail line) with glossy finish.  Look closely at the macro - is that flakie a heart!?  This is a stunning shade and the polishes applied nicely.

I also had to add a matte finish to this polish - since...well, flakies and crelly.

Next we have Geekish Glitter Lacquer who was inspired by the haunted Hotel Colorado.  This polish is called Bespook and is described as a green-blue-gold multi chrome with red and silver holographic micro glitter.  This polish could be a 1-coater, but I did 2 coats because that is me. :)  Check out that amazing shift and sparkle!

This was my first experience with Jen and Berries and I was not disappointed.  The inspiration is Maroon Bells and the name...wait for it....Bells Deep!  LOL  It is is described as a maroon jelly with complimentary flakies and microfloppies, copper-red-green-gold color shifting flakies and purple-copper-green aurora shimmer.  I love a flakey filled jelly.  Photos show 2 coats with glossy finish.  I love a good berry/wine shade.

Of course this also had to be mattified...

Pin-Up Paint was another new to me brand, who was inspired by the Great Sand Dunes.  The name of the polish is Send Me Nudes....I Mean Dunes.  LOL!  Autocorrect....gets us every time.  :)  It is described as a rose gold nude shimmer.  Photos show 3 coats (my free edge is very prominent and my goal is cover any visible nail line, VNL) with glossy top coat.  I was so excited to test this out for stamping - the color is perfect for adding over a navy or black base.

As soon as I saw shimmer - I knew I had to test it out with stamping.  BAM!  It stamps and beautifully over dark shades.

Starlight Polish was inspired by Cadet Chapel with The Pointiest Of Chapels, which is described as a light grey with iridescent glitter and color shifting aurora flakies.  Photos show 3 coats (to cover my VNL) with a glossy finish.  I want to bring this polish back out for a fun winter mani layering snowflake stamps between layers.

Check out this bottle shot!!

I had to mattify this polish too.

The last polish the box is from Zombie Claw Polish and is inspired by the Rocky Mountains.  It is called Purple Mountain Majesty and is described as a pure with linear holo and blue shimmer.  Photos show 3 coats (but can pass without VNL with 2) with a glossy finish.  I also had to add some photos in the LED lights - WOW!  Purple is one of my favorite colors, so this polish made my heart pitter patter.

Loves: Echoing my thoughts in my IGTV, I love that each polish is a different color and a different finish.  This really opens customers up to loving more of the unique qualities that indie polishes possess.

Wishes: OK, I hope this comes to fruition.  What I would love to see is an on-going box that does this...maybe the Colorado makers take a trip to another state, or maybe they get inspired by the sports teams/colleges in Colorado or the flowers in Colorado?  I don't know, but I love creativity and I hope this idea doesn't stop here.

Colorful Colorado Box

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  1. Some of these are polishes I'd love to wear like Zombie and Starlight. Nice looking box of goodies.

  2. I love the Colorado theme and the fact that some of the shades are quite different. I am smitten by Bespook!

  3. I’m loving the Starlight Polish!!! It reminds me of snow!!!

  4. Hotel Colorado and Purple Mountain Majesty are killer! I love them!

  5. Such stunning polishes.. it's hard to pick just one or two.. all of them has something very interesting about them.. gorgeous!


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