Monday, November 12, 2018

Digit-al Dozen: Look Up In My Cube

Greetings and Nailutations,

It's a Digit-al Dozen week and our prompt is Look Up.  Yep, you read that right - Look Up!  :)  I can't wait to see what the talented group of nail artists come up with.  I've been looking forward to this prompt because it's one that will force us to really think out of the box.  It will also be fun to see people's perspectives.

Let's get to the details!
I was in my cube at work and decided to look up above my computer monitor and realized I have great inspiration right there!  My walls are decorated with Kirigami!  My grandmother one year got me a Kirigami calendar.  Each day, you get a pice of paper and it shows you where to fold and cut - the end result - a lot of fun "snowflakes" on my wall.  I've had some of these snowflakes for 4 or 5 years now.

Products used:
Jenna Hipp - Throwing Shade
Painted Polish - multiple stamping polishes
UberChic - UC3-01 Plate
MoYou Nails - Stamper, Glam 1 Plate (press sample)
Dream Polish - Gem Glam Top Coat
Ribbits Stickits - Un-Frog-gettable Cuticle Cover (press sample)

I started with Throwing Shade.  I protected my skin with Un-Frog-gettable Cuticle Cover and stamped with 6 different Painted Polish shades using UC3-01 Plate and Glam 1 Plate.  Everything is topped with Gem Glam Top Coat.

I hope you enjoyed this mani and a peek into my work life!  :)  Be sure to check out the other manis below from the Digit-al Dozen.

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  1. I didnt know what kiragami is but I think i'd love it! I'll have to look it up!

  2. I love how your office is decorated, it's cheerful. Love the stamping you did especially the heart. Great manicure.

  3. I like the inspiration behind. Good job

  4. The colors you used are so vibrant and pretty.

  5. I love how colour your office is! It’s so lovely to work in a beautiful space! You mani is so on point as usual. I feel as though you really capture the feel of the cut outs

  6. How cute and I love all of the color!

  7. This perfectly matches your inspiration. So whimsical!

  8. Love the manicure and your cube decorations!

  9. I just love this manicure!! The colors and patterns are so fun!!!

  10. Such a pretty design! I love how it has a lot of color to it, but overall it’s a very soft manicure

  11. Such an adorable nail art.. Love the colors and patterns and of course the inspiration behind..

  12. I love this fun design! I'd love to have something like that to look up to from my computer!


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