Monday, November 5, 2018

DHL Lacquer Remover Review

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*Press Sample*
Today I will be sharing a new product that Dark Horse Lacquer has created called Lacquer Remover. I wanted to utilize it enough to have a clear formed opinion on it before I posted about it.  I've used up almost the entire container I was sent....spoiler alert - I will be picking up some more!

Let's get to my thoughts!

100% pure therapeutic essential oils
Scented or unscented
Scent options:
Orange, Cinnamon, and Clove
Cherry Blossom

My regular routine of polish removal and care is use 100% acetone with additives added in, then I do a quick once over with Zoya's Remove.  I love the strength of 100% acetone, but I love the gentleness of Zoya's Remove.  Additives moisturize, but I don't feel like they protect my nails from the acetone. So when I was asked to review Lacquer Remover...I went in as a skeptic.

I used it throughout a swatch-fest of 10 polishes - it was the longest swatch-fest I've ever had to get done.  Here are my nails after 5 polishes.

Here are my nails after 10 polishes along with a macro!  I was really surprised as typically my skin and nails look like they took a beating.

Loves: The scent!  I love the scent I received, and want to pick up Orange-Lemon and another Orange, Cinnamon and Clove.  I love that it made my nails looks like they hadn't just swatched 10 polishes.  Even the macro had me sold.  I love that it worked at removing the polish yet, I could use it to clean my cuticle area on swatches too!

Wishes:  I do hope there are more scents in the future!  And I hope it can be purchased in the gallon size!  LOL

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  1. All those different scents sound enticing! I've been using either Zoya or CVS brands for ages. I need to try something new, I guess. I had no idea that there were scents in polish remover!

  2. Sounds pretty wonderful. I'd want this in Orange Lemon too since that's one of my favorites.

  3. I was always a big fan of Zoya Remove +! Im curious about the scents!

  4. That's indeed a swatch-fest. The scent piqued my interest

  5. How interesting! I have a gallon of Zoya here so I have a while to go but still curious!

  6. on my gosh, I would love those scents so much!!

  7. Orange Cinnamon and Clove sounds awesome.

  8. Interesting! My cuticles always look so bad after nail polish removal.

  9. Your cuticles definitely look great! I love orange lemon scent.

  10. Orange Lemon does sound nice! And that LOOKS amazing after 10 and that macro! YESS! I mean I always have glitter remnants LOL!

  11. I didn't know there were polish removers with fragrance! Yum - I want the Orange-Cinnamon-Clove and Patchouli-Cedarwood already!

  12. Mmmmmm...I can already smell them. Orange, Lemon, Cinnamon, Clove..these are absolutely my kind of fragrances. Your nails look amazing even after 10 polishes.


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