Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Glisten and Glow Fall 2018 Cuticle Pen Scents

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Fall is my favorite time of year.  It starts cooling down (in Arizona, it's only in the low 100's), the leaves are starting to change colors and the best part....Fall scents!  I love the scents that come with fall - you know...those delicious baking scents.  Today I'm going to share my first impressions with the 5 new scents for Fall from Glisten and Glow.

Let's get to the scents!
The new scents with published descriptions followed by my own thoughts on the scent.

Fresh Picked Apples is described as fresh, juicy apples picked right from the orchard.  Strong notes of apples, it reminds me of fresh apple juice.  I can use this scent year round since the scent is fresh and fruity.

Vanilla Maple Pecan Waffles is described as warm vanilla freshly made waffles topped with roasted pecans and maple syrup.  Oh my word!  Yes this one is a favorite of mine.  I smell cookies and maple syrup and delicious Autumn baked goodies!

Cranberry Pear Bellini is described as sparkling cranberry, sweet pear nectar and luscious black currant.  I was able to detect cranberry and overall a fresh fruit scent.  This is another scent I feel I can use all year due to being fruity and clean.

Pumpkin Spice Latte is described as creamy pumpkin, buttery smooth, spices and a top note of latte.  Holy smokes!  Another favorite of mine - I pick up pumpkin pie, the epic scent of Fall.  For me, the scent of pumpkin spice overshadows any scent of latte (I didn't pick up any latte scent - but I'm not mad about it).

Blueberry Cobbler is described as blueberry bliss with warm notes of vanilla.  I picked up a baked good and the soft scent of blueberry.  For me, blueberry is a softer fruit note, not overwhelming or too strong.

I use these pens to not only brush the cuticle oil around my cuticle, all on top of my nail, but also under my nail too.

Loves:  I love that these are released in the pen brush applicator.  It's perfect to get into all the nooks and crannies around your nail, under your nail and around your cuticle.

Wishes:  I'm hoping these scents will also be used for her Hand and Nail Nutrition product.

Details:  Release 9/13 7pm EDT.  $6.99 each

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  1. So yummy sounding! Can't wait to get my own!

  2. I totally need these in my life! I love fun scented stuff! Anf my cuticles are an embarassment!

  3. I'm a tad lazy about cuticle oil because it's generally meh, but I would apply each day (reapply several times through) if it came in all these scents. Yum!

  4. Great idea to add delectable scents to cuticle oil. Might end up sniffing my nails all day long haha

  5. I love nail oil pens and if they smell as delicious as these are described, well all the better.

  6. The scents sound like comfort scents for fall. I'd love pumpkin, blueberry and apple. One of my dreams some day is to pick an apple off a tree. I was late 30's before I ever saw an apple growing on a tree.

  7. These scents sound soooo amazing! I’m gonna confess and say I drop the ball a lot when it comes to cuticle oil haha

  8. The cranberry and apple scents sound divine!

  9. I want apple, I want apple. Great choices and then pen makes it easy to use.

  10. This seems like such a mess free way to apply oil!

  11. I really like GG pens - they don't leak and always smell amazing!

  12. I'm hit or miss with baked food scents on my hands (unless I just ate something tasty, haha!), but Vanilla Maple Pecan Waffles sounds scrumptious! It makes me think of an older G&G scent, apple cider donuts that I used to love....I wonder if I mix that with Fresh Picked Apples if I could get something pretty close....
    I love mixing and matching G&G scents!

  13. I don’t love when scents are too sweet but cranberry pear sounds amazing.

  14. Fresh Picked apples sounds amazing, I'ma big fan of a true apple scent.


Thank you for your comment. :)