Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Polish 'M Not Really Neon's Collection Swatch and Review

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*Some products in post are press samples*
Today I am sharing the Not Really Neon's Collection from Polish 'M.  I previously did a nail art post with the 6 I received from Michelle (the owner of Polish 'M).  I loved the versatility of the 6 so much that I had to get the remaining 6.  This post contains a whopping 12 cremes!  They are perfect for nail art, water marbling, stamping and they work great as undies for glitter toppers!

Now let's get to the swatches!  Photos all shown with filtered light and LED light.  All photos show 2 coats with shiny top coat.  *Picture heavy post.*

First we have Atomic, which I would describe as a dusty barbie pink.  Yes - dusty barbie pink (today you are getting Kristi-descriptions).  I will talk about the formula at the end of the post.

Next is Rosé, a pastel neon pink.  I love this pink, it's spunky and makes me smile.  (I also love the name and it makes me want to grab a glass of a light Rosé.).

Bittersweet was the polish that did not agree with my camera.  It reminds me of a dusty or muted version of China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy.  Now this is the only one where the pigment in the bottle decided to do a little dance.  I shook it and the color applied perfect.  Cremes sometimes separate a little.

Tangelo is a bright orange-yellow.  Tangelo is a great color to pair with some darker fall colors to create a transitional autumn mani.

Then there is Lemonade, a bright smiley face yellow. In the nail world, yellows don't get enough love, but my favorite colors are yellow and purple.  I love yellow because it is the color of smiley faces - hence the reference earlier.  :)

Harlequin has us transitioning into greens with this bright yellow green.  It's bright, it's in your face and it screams summer and spring!

Shamrock is a bright teal mint.  With the name Shamrock, I expected it to be more green, but I love how soft it is.

I love the name of Myrtle.  It's my grandmother's name, so it makes me think of her.  :)  Myrtle is a pretty turquoise and it pairs lovely with gold accents!  (Big hint on some nail art I did with it!)

Another polish that didn't cooperate with my camera is Denim.  Photos show it slightly brighter than real life.  I'd call it a dusty royal blue.

Wisteria is next and I would describe it as a pink purple.  It's a great color basic for the fellow purple lovers out there!

The bright purple is called Electric and it definitely sparks!  This was another favorite of mine - I mean hello purple!

And the last one is more of a purple blue or if you would rather a blurple.  It is called Royal.  It appears to be more purple showing in my photos (which I am totally fine with).

Details: You have until the 15th of Sept to order these!  Don't wait!  They have become staples for me and are on my rack nearest my desk for each grabs for nail art.

Loves: FORMULA!  These all were buttery and creamy.  They applied with ease and self leveled.  Two coats provided perfect coverage on all colors.  I'll also mention again they water marble, they stamp, they work as undies for glitter toppers and they work for nail art!

Wishes: I wish that Michelle continues to make cremes collections for each season!

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  1. I'm generally not crazy about yellow polishes, but Tangelo is pretty spectacular! I really like a lot of these shades!

  2. There's something about cremes that make me happy. I don't know if it's the simplicity of it or what... But yeah. Also it's great to know that they are great for art - because I know that I want to start getting more ambitious, I'm just not there yet.

  3. You have amazing photos and swatches. My fave would be pink and yellow this time

  4. Tangelo is easily my favorite! Love those shades.

  5. I am feeling Tangelo! I love a transitional yellow!

  6. Bittersweet is really pretty and unlike any shades I own since I buy hundreds of blues, red, and purples.

  7. I adore Bittersweet!! The pigment separating doesn't bother me at all. All of these are great though.

  8. I am in love with Michelle's cremes! Can't wait for the fall ones as well.

  9. I love seeing some bright colors coming out for fall, it cheers up my summery heart. <3 Lovely swatches as always, Kristi!

  10. You make me want all of the rainbow collections. This one is especially pretty!

  11. That's a pretty big collection and they all look awesome! Tangerine is my favorite.

  12. I love the lime color because it's still so neon. I confess, I've seen a few makers make "not quite neon" and I'm like go neon or go home, baby! Neons remind me of bright happy summer days

  13. I love Atomic, Mrtyle, and Wisteria!!! 😍

  14. love Bittersweet!! Polishes that slightly separate in the bottle doesn't really bother me, but they definitely don't look great in pics haha :) As long as the color goes on evenly I'm a happy camper.

  15. What a gorgeous collection, so bright and pretty!


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