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January's Nail Drama Box Review

Greetings and Nailutations!

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Today I'll be sharing the January Nail Drama Box with you.  The Nail Drama Box is a monthly subscription box that has tons of nail art goodies.  Unfortunately the January box is already sold out (yes - this one is so amazing that it sold out early!) but you can set your alarms for February and sign up for several months at a time to save money.  The theme of January was Hello Kitty.  As you can see below there were so many mani options with the products in the box.

Now let's get to the manis!

Let's first go over what I received in the January Nail Drama Box:
3 acrylic bow charms - 2 teal glitter, 1 pink with crystal rhinestone in the center
1 acrylic Hello Kitty head charm
1 lavender flower charm with gold bead center
2 vials of caviar beads (blue & yellow)
1 sheet of Pokemon water decals
1 sheet of Hello Kitty nail sticker decals
1 bag of gold stars
1 stamping plate
1 note pad

First impressions: So many goodies!  I was most excited about the stamping plate - my go to nail art is stamping.  I loved the little stickers as well!  So adorable.  I'm saving the Pokemon for when my niece arrives (in a week) so we can do matching nails!  I was a little bummed at the size of the Hello Kitty charm and the bows as my nails are very small, so using 1 would cover my entire nail.

The first mani I created was a spring mani - I loved the little bunny on the plate and all I could think of was a spring garden.  Plus....the weather in Arizona right now resembles Spring for most other locations (60-77 degrees F or 25 C).  I started with a base of Heather's Hues Om.  I created a separate nail decal of the bunny using my Clear Jelly Stamper and once dry colored it in with Drip Drop Nail Paint Tighty Whities, Yoga Pants and Below Zero.  The grass was made using Mitty Brushes and a Lemming Lacquer green.  It's all topped with Gem Glam Top Coat from Dream Polish.

The second mani I decided to make a wintry sledding scene with the Hello Kitty sticker decals.  My base is Drip Drop Nail Paint Nature's Way, the snow is Below Freezing and then the snow on the ground is Ghost Town from K*Sea Gale's Nails.  It's all topped with Gem Glam Top Coat from Dream Polish.

The last mani I created for this blog review is a super pink mani using the stamping plate.  Hello Kitty angels?  butterflies?  Hello Kittifly?  They are cute is all that matters.  I started with a base of Drip Drop Nail Paint Sentimental Journey and added Bliss Polish Mystery Holo 12 dots.  I created a decal of the Hello Kittifly with my Clear Jelly Stamper and colored it in with Tighty Whities, Mystery Holo 12 and Om.  It's all topped with Gem Glam Top Coat from Dream Polish.

Loves:  I love the theme.  Hello Kitty has been a staple in my life since I was a child.  The stamping plate is perfection and picked up every image clearly and easily.  I love the smaller items (caviar beads, flower, stars) that can fit on my nails - they create a fun 3D look to any mani.  The sticker decals are adorable as well!

Wishes: The only thing I would wish for is that the bow charms be smaller, because I love bow charms.

Nail Drama Box also carries nail art tools and past boxes if they are not completely sold out.  Be sure to check them out!

Happy Polishing,

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