Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Digit-al Dozen December Birthday Mani

Greetings and Nailutations,

Today I am sharing a special birthday mani for the Digit-al Dozen gals who celebrate their birthdays in December (Cathy, Kerry and myself).  Woo hoo!  To celebrate Cathy chose a great photo that captured both art and science (neediness) together.

Products used:
Nail foils (gold/holographic 2 styles)
Nail glue from Nail Jewelry Bling
Yoga Pants from Drip Drop Nail Paint
Gem Block Liquid Latex from Dream Polish (press sample)
W317 Plate from Winstonia
Stamper and Clean Up Brush from Clear Jelly Stamper (press sample)

I started with the glue base and then used the 2 styles of foils to get different patterns of gold holographic on my nails.  Once that was (somewhat) opaque, I stamped using a plate that had images of computer chip patterns.  Yes, the pretty image is a bunch of computer chips (or as we call in the industry a pretty wafer....we don't actually sell the ones that look pretty - they are made to just look pretty).  Did I ruin the magic of the image?

Be sure to check out the other manis of the fellow Digit-al Dozen members!  I'm excited to see how everyone accomplishes this image.

Happy Polishing,
Kristi aka BeginNails


  1. I don't think you ruined the magic of the image at all. The stamping works so well with that foil!

  2. I totally see computer chips! I never thought of stamping over foil!

    1. I need to try it again - when I can get a better foil coverage. :)

  3. These look really cool! The combination is so much fun!

  4. This is beyond perfect! And Happy Birthday!

  5. I like this scientific mani! Happy Birthday!

  6. Happy birthday! Your mani reminds me of C3PO

  7. Happy Birthday!! I love this gold! SO GORGEOUS! <3

  8. Happy birthday! I love thismani ad the inspiration pic!

  9. that foil gives the mani so much pizazz, I love it!

  10. Happy Birthday! I love the use of stamping over the nails foils, I'll have to try that sometime :)

  11. People born in December, like you and me, are amazing ;]

    I really like the stamping over foil! I never thought to do that before.

  12. I think you nailed it! Your interpretation of that image is spot on. Happy belated birthday!


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