Sunday, September 18, 2016

3 Empties: Drip Drop Nail Paint Yoga Pants, QTICA Lotion, and Ever After Balm

Greetings and Nailutations,

It's another installment of 3 empties, where I review 3 products I have used up and express my opinion on how well they worked, how they smelled, their packaging and if I'd make a repeat purchase.

First item I used up is a bottle of nail polish - really!  I used up an entire bottle of nail polish.  There are certain staples to my nail art - a good opaque black is one of them.  Yoga Pants by Drip Drop Nail Paint is my go to one-coater black.  It's creamy and formula applies with ease. I have 2 more bottles of this stuff and now I need a new bottle with the new branding labels!

Smell Test:  Smells like nail polish as expected.
Feel Test:  Feels like nail polish - great formula.  Self levels and opaque in 1 coat, it also stamps and water marbles!
Packaging Test: It comes in a nail polish bottle - haha surprise!
Buy Again: Yes, I plan on getting a new one for the new branding labels & so I can hold them in photos!

Next is QTica Art Of Beauty Luxury Lotion.  I had received this with a Zoya order.  It was free with purchase of over a certain amount - and Zoyas are my favorite mainstream polish.  

Smell Test:  The packaging claims lemongrass and ginger - but my nose only picked up notes of lemongrass - no ginger.
Feel Test: left my hands moisturized and soft, there was a slightly post greasy feeling - just wait 5-10 mins for absorption to take place (I used it at night before I went to bed)
Packaging Test: comes in a easy travel size squeeze bottle with a push cap to dispense the product.
Buy Again: I didn't originally buy this, but if I have the opportunity to place it in my order again - I would.  

The last product is a cuticle balm from Ever After Polish in the scent Man's Man.  I believe I got this in an order from a box (maybe I Love Indie Box?).  I was really excited to use it and the scent was amazing.  I brought it to work and used it for 2-3 days and then the product dried up.  I was really disappointed but then read later that it was a bogus batch of packaging causing everyone's balm to dry up.  For me, I was more disappointed that the brand didn't contact people who had ordered the box to let them know.  I figured a brand would like to have their best foot forward and would want to let potential customers know of the problem.  (I found out through a nail group un-related to the brand.)

Smell Test:  Lovely clean smell - it was refreshing.
Feel Test: quickly absorbed, didn't leave my hands greasy
Packaging Test: If I had to grade the packaging - it would be an F since it caused the product to dry up.
Buy Again: I loved the product the 2-3 days I got to use it, but the lack of communication from the brand to customers has made me apprehensive - so I will have to pass.  

Have you tried any of these products?  Did you have different experiences?

Happy Polishing,
Kristi aka @BeginNails


  1. I love empty posts! I certainly need to check out that Drip Drop, I use a LOT of black polish!

    1. I love it because it's a 1 coater! Plus the name cracks me up!

  2. I bet that lotion would have been so good with some ginger notes.

    1. Yes, I kept sniffing for them and I think they ran away! :)

  3. Congrats on using up a whole bottle of polish! Black is the only one I use enough to actually need another bottle of. Great empties post!

    1. Right? I only use up top coat...I don't think I ever used a whole bottle before!

  4. Other than top coat I have never seen the bottom of the bottle of any polish. I am amazed!


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