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Mitty Brushes Review

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I've been playing with a brush set sent to me by Mitty.  Mitty is a fellow nail artist, who wanted to have good quality Kolinsky brushes at an affordable cost.  Mitty are available as the complete set or as individual brushes.  The brush set comes with:

1 Brush bag
1 I'm Fan-tastic Brush
1 Lots of Dots with lid (dotter)
1 Stripy Glamour Brush with lid
1 Angle Me Brush with lid
1 Fabulously Flat Brush with lid
1 Shape n Lines Brush with lid

As a reminder, care for your brushes to ensure they last always clean them off completely and store safely with the lid on to protect the bristles.

Now let's get to some manis!

First up is a holiday dotticure using the Lots of Dots dotter from Mitty.  It was easy to control and gave small dots (and even smaller dots with a light touch).  I started with a base of Jenna Hipp's Life Is But A Cream and dotted with Polish My Life's Little Red Dress, EGO's Money Bag and ZR's Polish Diamonds and topped it all with a shiny top coat.

 I also used the Fabulously Flat Brush, Angle Me Brush and Lots of Dots to create a duck mani for a contest.  They all worked perfect with polish and cleaned off nicely.  I started with a base of Fire and Frost from Envy Lacquer and also used GG Indie Polish Indigo, Wet N' Wild Get Lucky, Drip Drop Nail Paint Tighty Whities and Liquid Frosting Piper Chapman.  I also stamped with Vivid Lacquer VL024 Plate and What's Up Nails Creative Shop Stamper.  I protected my skin with Ellagee's Lickity Split Latex Mani Mask and topped it all with a shiny top coat.

One of the favorite manis I did was of a setting sun.  I used the Stripy Glamour Brush to create the trees against a gradient background.  The background is Girlosity Cosmetics Moonlit and Toasted.  I then used Drip Drop Nail Paint's Yoga Pants for the trees and topped it with a shiny top coat.  I also used Cuticula Scented Nail Tape to protect my skin.

Another mani I did using the Stripy Glamour Brush was re-creating Drip Drop Nail Paint's logo for her 2 year anniversary collaboration.  I used DDNP's Stairway To Heaven and Gem Block Liquid Latex to protect where I did not want any stripes and then peeled it off.  The entire mani is topped with a shiny top coat.

Using the Fabulous Flat Brush and the Stripy Glamour Brush, I attempted an ugly Christmas sweater pattern in plaid.  I went over the top with holiday colors using DDNP Tighty Whities and Gold Veined Mirrors, CDB Lacquer Candy Apple and EGO Money Bag.  I topped it all with a shiny top coat.

Another winter holiday mani I did was creating snowflakes with the Stripy Glamour Brush.  I started with a base of Jax by Bliss Polish and painted with DDNP Tighty Whities and topped it with a shiny top coat.

The last mani I'll be sharing in this post is a mani using the I'm Fan-tastic Brush.  I started with Polish My Life's Little Red Dress and then protected my skin with Cuticula Scented Nail Tape.  Then I fan brushed on DDNP Tighty Whities and added a charm from Daily Charme and topped it with a shiny top coat.

Shiny top coat: Gem Glam Top Coat from

Loves:  I love that the brushes come with lids to protect the bristles and the Mitty Limited Edition Bag is perfect to travel with your nail supplies to keep them safe.  I'm excited about using a set of good brushes for nail art.

Wishes:  I love this set!  The only thing I would add is more dotters in different sizes and a thinner striper brush to fine detailing.

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