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Dream Polish Winter Scent Product Review (and nail art!)

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Today I will be sharing my first impressions with the new winter collection from Dream Polish.  Dream Polish carries nail care items such as top coat, sticky base coat, ridge filling base coat, cuticle oil and balm as well as liquid latex for easy nail art clean up.  She has several core scents as well as scents that change with the season.  The winter scents include Cranberry Orange, Sugar Cookie, Mint Fluff, Jack Frost, Eggnog and Frankincense & Myrrh.

Now let's get to some reviews (and photos!).
First up is the scent Eggnog, which contains notes of buttercream, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and clove.  If you love baking scents during the colder months, this is the scent for you.  I received this scent as cuticle oil in the pen applicator.  I love the applicator as it applies nicely around your cuticle and under the nail too.  Photos show my naked nails with the cuticle oil pen in the scent of Eggnog.

Next up is Frankincense + Myrrh, a soft subtle scent of cologne and incense.  If you don't like strong scents this is your perfect match.  I received it as mini bottle of cuticle oil as well as a sample size cuticle balm.

Mint Fluff is described as peppermint with notes of vanilla and marshmallow along with hints of berry and white floral.  I was sent Mint Fluff as a Gem Glow Cuticle Balm stick.  This scent is reminiscent of a sweet mint and lovely.  During the colder months, it is really dry (especially here in the desert) and the skin between my fingers starts to peel/flake (1st and 2nd photos).  What I have found is that using Gem Glow Cuticle Balm on my hands before bed and sleeping with cotton gloves moisturizes my skin completely and solves my dry skin issues (3rd photo).  I personally don't use it around my cuticles all that often, but I swear by this product for dry skin!  Third photo is after using it for 2 days at night, both post showering with no lotion.

I also received Cranberry Orange as a sample size cuticle balm.  Cranberry Orange is a juicy, fruity scent combining tart Cranberries and orange.  This scent truly smells like fruity candy!

Next is the scent Jack Frost, which is peppermint.  I received the scent as Gem Block Liquid Latex.  I love doing nail art and using Liquid Latex makes clean up 100% easier, and having it scented pleasantly is a "dream" come true!  (Pun intended!)

Sugar Cookies (and Mint Fluff) came in the form of Gem Glam Top Coat.  Sugar Cookies smells of vanilla, buttercream and sweet frosting.  This is a softer scent of baked cookies.  Gem Glam Top Coat is my go to top coat, dries quickly, provides a nice glossy shine and is 5-free (doesn't contain 5 of the harsh chemicals that can be found in polish).  Below are some of the nail art looks I did using Gem Block Liquid Liquid Latex and Gem Glam Top Coat.

This first looks I started with a base of Candied Apple Polish's Mr Gingersnap and stamped on MPolish's Get Lost with Clear Jelly Stamper CJS-03 plate and What's Up Nails Creative Shop Stamper all topped with Gem Glam Top Coat.  Notice my images weren't smudges with the addition of top coat.

Next I started with a base of Santa Has My <3 (Heart) from Candied Apple Polish.  Then I stamped with MPolish's Fresh Perspective, Vivid Lacquer VL035 Plate and a Creative Shop Stamper from What's Up Nails.  My mani is topped with Gem Glam Top Coat in the scent of Mint Fluff.

The last mani I did for this post is with another Candied Apple Polish called Glad Tidings.  I stamped with Bells of Ireland from MPolish, Uberchic Christmas Plate and a Creative Shop Stamper from What's Up Nails.  Top coat is of course Gem Glam Top Coat from Dream Polish.

Loves:  Someone asked me in the Dream Polish Facebook group which scent is my favorite and I honestly can't say this time around.  I really love Mint Fluff and Eggnog for the sweetness in them that makes me feel warm in the cold winter.  I love peppermint anything so Jack Frost is yummy and my husband loves anything orange so Cranberry Orange also gets a vote.

Wishes:  The only thing I'd wish for any change in scents would be for Frankincense + Myrrh to be a little stronger (I like a strong scent that lingers for some time).

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