Thursday, September 10, 2015

Born Pretty Store Cuticle Tattoos Review

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Today I will be sharing a product that I received from Born Pretty Store, which is an online store that sells nail art supplies, tools, polish, decals, and even home goods and clothes!  Born Pretty carries affordable products and you can purchase in bulk as well.

The product I am reviewing today is a Sheet Cuticle Tattoo Nail Art Stickers Water Transfer Temporary Decals Lace Flower Patterns (item: 19807). It's a fun way to accentuate your nails and add a little boom-pow to any mani.  They are very easy to apply and work like any temporary tattoo.

1) cut out the image you want
2) remove the plastic film
3) place the image (image down) to your skin (or nail)
4) use a dampened sponge and wet the paper for 15-20 seconds
5) remove paper and the image will be on your skin

The manis below show CDB Lacquer's Dazzling Dreams topped with Gem Glam Top Coat from Dream Polish and the tattoos on 2 accent nails.

To remove the image, nail polish remove works quickly and easily.

Loves:  This product was easy to use and looked great!  I loved how it created a fun new look to a swatch.  Also easy to remove!  There are a few designs to select from on The Born Pretty Store.

Wishes:  I'd love to see other colors (aside from black) offered.

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Don't forget to use code: DGJ61 for 10% off any purchase from Born Pretty Store.  All orders are always shipped free, but expect on average 2 1/2 weeks shipping time.

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