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MicroBrew's Hometown Collection Swatches and Review

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MicroBrews is back this time with a collection inspired by her current hometown landmarks.  As a reminder you can follow MicroBrews on all their social media sites such as instagram (@microbrewsNP), Facebook and their store.

Let's get to some swatches!  I will put my initial thoughts about it and then the included information that Wendy, the owner of MicroBrews provided for me.

First up is Sinclair Rock, which is a deep maroon bronze glitter jelly.  In the light you can see the gold shimmer and the purple glitter.  Photos show 3 coats for total opacity with a shiny topcoat and also a matte topcoat.  Love this color!
Sinclair Rock (or the "Westford Knight") is a rock with a carving with a primitive outline of a human face.  Much speculation is made about the Knight -- is it really an ancient historical artifact or the result of active imaginations?  Either way, it's a bit mysterious, just like this semi-sheer maroon polish.

Next is I Believe In Grey Ghosts, which is also a glitter jelly.  This light grey jelly contains white hexes and circles as well as purple smaller hexes.  I placed this polish over a grey undie to get the full pop of the glitter.  The larger circles did require some glitter fishing.  This polish is fun!
The local high school mascot is the "Grey Ghost", lending itself to puns like "We have spirit!"  This grey jelly has maroon micro glitter (maroon and grey are the school colors), with white dots.

A La Mode is a peachy shimmery glitter polish.  A La Mode contains gold shimmer, broze hexes and yellow larger hexes.  Photos show 3 coats over a white undie with shiny topcoat.  This polish was on the thinner side, so fishing is required.
Nothing says summer in New England like ice cream, and Kimball Farm has the best ice cream around.  Waiting in the long lines are worth it - especially for my favorite Butter Pecan.  This peachy polish has shimmery gold undertones with dark brown and yellow glitters mixed in.

Last of the collection is That's So Fletch.  That's So Fletch is a fun glitter topper containing holo micro dust and iridescent glitter.  I have one generous coat over a navy blue undie and a shiny topcoat.
You can find a little bit of magic at your fingertips with either this silvery glitter topper with micro holographic and iridescent shimmer...or a good book.  "That's So Fletch" is my homage to the JV Fletcher Library.  Never leave home without a good glitter topcoat and a good book and you're all set!

Loves:  Again the creativity and imagery Wendy has is astounding!  My favorites of this collection are Sinclair Rock and I Believe in Grey Ghosts.  I have an affinity for darker colors and these were fun and amazing.  Additionally all MicroBrews Polishes are 5-free so they don't contain the 5 nasties that polish can contain.

Wishes:  Enjoyed this collection as I did the last one!  I was able to see all the locations and landmarks in each polish.  I would have liked to see A La Mode a littler thicker so glitter fishing wouldn't have been needed and as a cream it would have gone with ice cream theme.

More info:
FB: MicroBrews
Instagram: @MicroBrewsNP

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