Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Big Spoon Lacquer's Childhood Wonderment Collection Swatch and Review

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Today I have a super huge treat!  Huge because this collection is seriously ginormous!  A total of 8 polishes that are a reflection of the life lessons childhood movies attempt to convey.  Big Spoon Lacquers can be found on instagram (@bigspoonlacquers) and their online store.

Let's get to some life lessons….err…swatches.

First up is the movie Nemo with Discover The Destination and a second polish called Embrace The Journey.  Discover The Destination is a coral jelly with a pink shimmer infused in it.  This polish is absolutely gorgeous and is one of my favorites of the collection.  Photos show three thin coats, a gold steering wheel and shiny top coat.  The second, Embrace The Journey is a versatile black and white glitter topper.  Embrace The Journey contains white tiny hexes, black medium hexes, black micro bars and white bar glitter.  Photos show one coat dabbed on over a pink gradient and topped with a shiny top coat.

Next is Dream Big from Ratatouille.  Dream Big is a navy blue jelly with magenta, teal, silver and purple glitter.  This polish is also another favorite of mine.  It sparkles in the light like the night sky.  I used a stencil and painted starts on the accent nail.  Photos show two coats with shiny top coat.

Love's Adventure is from the movie Up!  This polish is a blue jelly with yellow, green, purple, orange hexes, red squares and large blue hex glitters.  Pauline hit the image of the balloons in this polish.  I love the fact it is a jelly, so that you can see the depth of the glitters.  Photos show two coats, with both a shiny top coat and a matte top coat.

Toy Story makes an appearance through the polish called Friendship Beyond Infinity.  This polish resembles the colors of Buzz Light Year, with purple squares, neon green and black hexes in a white crelly.  Photos show two coats with a shiny top coat and accent nail using a home made star decal.

The next polish is called Eye On You from Monsters University.  It is a grassy green shimmer polish with gold and silver holo glitter.  This polish shows two coats with shiny top coat and two green studs.

Dynamite Girl is next from Wreck It Ralph.  Dynamite Girl is a red-pink jelly filled with iridescent glitter in a few sizes as well as gold glitter.  This one is AMAZING!  Another of my favorites, of course I had to show it both with a shiny top coat and a matte coat.   I added a gold star.

Lastly, from A Bug's Life, is Going Against The Grass.  It is a green jelly with tiny green flecks of shimmer and both green bars and micro bars.  Photos show two coats with shiny top coat.

Loves: crelly, jellies, shimmers and glitter topper OH MY!  I love collections that have a combination of polish types.  This collection combines a fun cute theme and life lessons with beautiful, imaginative polishes.  Big Spoon Lacquers are 3-free, so they do not contain 3 of the nasties that can be found in polish.

Wishes:  I would not change anything with this collection.  It met expectations and has me wanting more…I wish Pauline comes up with Part 2!!

This collection is being released April 1st.  To order head to her online store Big Spoon Lacquers.

Which is your favorite lesson and polish combo?

Happy Polishing,
Kristi aka @beginnails

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