Sunday, February 16, 2014

Microbrews Nail Polish Swatch and Review

Greetings and Nailutations!

*Press Sample* Today's post is about an indie line that is just starting out!  Microbrews Nail Polish is the newest kid on the block.  Please visit MicrobrewsNP Facebook page and give it a like for release date information as well as her instagram and twitter (@microbrewsnp).  Current spring release schedule is February 28th and is called Raise Your Glass - all named for drinks.  How cute is that?  I am a light-weight, so I just have 2 "drinks" for you today.  haha.  All Microbrews NP can be bought online here.

The first polish on tap is called To Edith.  It is a light grey jelly-crelly with light pink hexes as well as a pink shimmer infused in the base.  Photos below show 2 coats dabbed on over a nude basecoat and shiny topcoat.

Release notes from Microbrews NP:
To Edith: "Poor old Edith, we never seem to talk about her."  Until this season, Lady Edith Crawley was a bit of a wallflower in the adventures that took place in Downton Abbey.  Until her quiet efforts during Downton's use as a convalescent home are noticed by a visiting general.  The general recognizes that Edith is the one providing the best care to the patients and proposes a toast at a formal dinner.  Family and visitors raise their glasses in a champagne toast "To Edith". With a subtle grey base and loads of light pink hex glitter, this polish as an understated depth.

The second polish is On Deck, named for butter beer, pays homage to the Harry Potter series!  Bronze glitters float around in a gold shimmer base and adds pizazz to any mani!  Below I used 2 coats over a white jelly and then over a white & black mani and topped it off with a shiny top coat.

Release notes from Microbrews NP:
On Deck:  If butterbeer were real and not just in the world of Harry Potter, spilling it would be a crime, right?  I'd hope so.  Horace Slughorn, a little into his cup, spills butterbeer on Hermione Granger and declares "All Hands on deck, Granger!" - one of the best lines in the series.  Butterbeer seems a bit magical and in my mind, the color of butterscotch.  On Deck is a gold shimmer jelly base with darker brown sparkles - a little bit of added magic.

Loves:  First off the polishes are amazing!  They are beautiful, formula is great and who doesn't love a fun and original concept for naming products?  I am excited to see where Microbrews NP goes and what else will be on tap.  Added plus is that it is 5-free, so it does not contain any of the 5 nasties that can be found in nail polish!

Wishes: I am thoroughly impressed with both formula and color combinations, my only wish is that the store was open now so I could see what else is on tap! (I'll be patient…) Opens February 28th of 2014!

Happy Polishing,
Kristi aka @beginnails


  1. the chevron nail here is a win. you have such great ideas for art!
    A Beautiful Zen

  2. Hi! I realized I never commented - THANK YOU for this review and the amazing pictures. I am so excited to see what you'll do with your next swatcher set... going in the mail in the next week. -W


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