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Red Eyed Lacquer Restore The Heart Collection

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Today I am sharing the Moana inspired collection called Restore The Heart created by Red Eyed Lacquer.  I'll be honest here - I have not seen Moana (yet!), we do have the ability to watch it now though, so it's on the line up!  And these polishes make me want to connect the inspiration to the color.

Let's get to the details.

Name: Restore The Heart
Price: $11 each or $70 for all 7
Availability: Available June 17th

First up is Sharkhead!  Sharkhead is described as a grey crelly with a blue/green shifting shimmer.  Photos show 2 coats with glossy finish.  Just check out the detail in the macro!

One of my favorites of the collection is Did You Like My Song?  It is described as a purple/pink/gold multichrome with holo.  Photos show 2 coats.  The shift in the pointer finger is so striking and the holo highlighted in the LED light in the 2nd image has me smiling!

...far beneath... is the next polish and it is described as a white crelly with blue, green, red, copper, and gold metallie flakies.  There are so many flakies in this - you will never be short of flakies!  Photos show 2 coats.

The Ocean Chose Me is a medium blue with strong orange/red shimmer.  Photos show 2 coats, but may need 3 for longer nails for full opacity.  The 2nd image shows in LED light and really gets the shimmer going!

Next is This Is Not Who You Are and it is a black/red multichrome with gold scattered holo.  This is my other favorite of the collection.  Photos show 2 coats, but if you have longer nails, you will need 3.

The Heart is a polish that has been a treasure in the making.  I saw it evolve - it started out blue, but the way it ended up is perfection.  It is a green crelly with purple, red, blue, and rose metallic flakies.

There is a GLOWY ONE!!  Yes, a glow in the dark polish is also in the collection.  It can be used on its own or as a topper and contains all sorts of iridescent flakies as well as shimmer.  I swatched if over an off white creme and a black to highlight the shimmer and iridescence.

Loves:  What a great collection!  My favorites are definitely Did You Like My Song? and This is Not Who You Are - I love vampy shades and purples.  I love the detail in all the macros, it shows how much time and creative attention Bianca puts in to her creations.

Wishes: I'm loving her touch on animated shows.  It demonstrates her creative passion in making polish.

Red Eyed Lacquer

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