Wednesday, May 5, 2021

May Polish Pick Up: Red Eyed Lacquer A Clue! A Clue!

Greetings and Nailutations!

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Today I am sharing the polish contribution from Red Eyed Lacquer for May Polish Pick Up.  This month the theme is Guilty Pleasures.  Bianca has some adorable little ones and her guilty pleasure is watching TV/YouTube Shows.

Let's get to more details!

Name: A Clue! A Clue!
Cap: 200
Price: $12.50
Brand Description: Light sky blue crelly with red/pink/orange shifting flakies and a pink/gold shifting shimmer.

How to make me happy - flakies with a little shimmer and I am one happy camper!  A Clue! A Clue! is the perfect calming blue with those flakies and shimmer to lift anyone's spirits.

I had to add a matte top coat since there are flakies in here.

I also added a paw print inspired by Blue and a talking flower clue!  :)  I used UberChic Beauty Spring Kawaii Layers, Whats Up Nails Clear Jumbo Stamper, Whats Up Nails Bargain-villea (employee discount), Maniology Straight Up Black (BEGINNAILS10 for 10% off).

Loves:  Flakies!  Shimmer!  This is a pretty shade and a great spring color to add to your collection!

Wishes:  I wouldn't change a thing!

As a reminder - all Polish/Indie Pick Up products can be purchase on their website May 7th - 10th.    Everything is $3 flat rate shipping.  Join their Facebook Group to find out all the details!

Red Eyed Lacquer

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  1. I love to enlarge your photos to see the beautiful flakes in this polish. I'm glad PPU is so close.

  2. What a lovely shade of aqua! And your nail art is adorable as always

  3. Wow this is a perfect shade for spring. Love Aqua.


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