Thursday, April 15, 2021

Tonshi Mountain Studios: April Polished Gamers Box Skyrim

 Greetings and Waxutations!

*Press sample*
Polished Gamers Box is in full effect and this month's theme is The Elder Scrolls.  Angela of Tonshi Mountain Studios was inspired by Skyrim's open world.

Let's get to more details!

Scent: Skyrim
Cap: None
Price: $6
Size: 4 oz total
Throw: 4/5 - I melted a 1 piece, and the scent filled the main living area and the extended areas and kitchen
Mix: Parasoy wax, Fragrance Oil, colorant, mica

Brand Description: Exotic Oud Wood, Emerald Sea Grass, Barnwood, Pine

Cold Sniff: I don't know how to describe this, but it was lovely....inviting, relaxing
Hot Sniff: I picked up the pine, the woody scents and then grass made it clean.  I really enjoyed this one.     

I also filmed a wax melt video!

Loves:  I feel like Angela has increased my love of non-bakery scents (I'm a bakery lover).  I love that she is opening my "nose" to new inviting scents that are non-food.
Wishes: I wouldn't changed anything.

All products will be available April 15th-20th at 2pm EST on the Polished Gamers Website.  They will be available for a 5 day pre-order.  Some items are capped, so you will want to act fast!  Shipping is $4 Flat Rate US Domestic, with international being at cost.  Turn around time will be 3-4 weeks post the end of pre-order.

Polished Gamer's Box

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  1. What an interesting combo of notes. Indeed, how does one interpret what a video game smells like - it sounds like inviting and relaxing would be good interpretations for how fans feel when they play the game!

  2. How unusual! I have always wondered what oud smells like because it is mentioned frequently by members of the fragrance enthusiast groups I belong to on FB. The tree motif on the melts is beautiful and sets the stage for a relaxing scent


Thank you for your comment. :)