Thursday, January 21, 2021

Red Eyed Lacquer Rare Animals Quad

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Today I am sharing the Rare Animal Quad created by Red Eyed Lacquer.  Bianca was inspired by 4 gorgeous creatures that live here on Earth.

Let's get to the details.

Name: Rare Animals Quad
Price: $11 each or $40 for the trio
Availability: Available now

First up is Cuckoo For Cuckoo Wasps, inspired by Cuckoo Wasp - a beautiful wasp, that is brilliantly multi-colored.  This polish is described as sapphire blue crelly with red/pink shifting flakies and red/pink shifting shimmer.  Photos show 2 coats with glossy finish.

I had to add a matte finish on this baby and it quickly became my favorite of the quad!

Next is I'm Cephea Jellyfish, inspired by a shimmering mysterious creature in the depths of the ocean.  It is turquoise crelly with a purple/yellow/turquoise shifting shimmer.  Photos show 2 coats for opacity with a glossy finish.

Here is I'm Cephea Jellyfish with a matte finish.

Feelin' Crabby is an eggplant base with purple to red/orange shifting multi-chrome.  The shift is lovely on this!  Red Eyed Lacquer multichromes are on the thinner side compared to other multichromes I've tried, so first 1-2 coats may be a bit patchy.  Three coats gave the perfect opaque look.  

The last polish is a magic polish - Rosy and Sweet!  It is solar.  It is described as a yellow to purple solar crelly with purple/red/gold shifting flakies and a purple/teal shifting shimmer.  One would think that since I live in the summer I would excel at capturing the solar properties - but NOPE.  After trying to get my polish to change, the following few days of attempts were all cloudy!  (I live in Arizona, we are sunny 98% of the time...except when I want it to be sunny.)  I was able to get the bottle to slightly change.  Please head to the shop site to get the full effect.  

Loves:  This is a fun collection!  My favorite is the Cuckoo For Cuckoo Wasps - the color of the base with the shifting flakies is perfection!!  Especially when it is mattified!

Wishes: Aside form wishing for actual sun in the state of Arizona (sigh), The only other thing I'd change is make Feelin' Crabby a slightly big thicker, so only 2 coats would be necessary.  

Red Eyed Lacquer

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  1. These look fab. Always a sucker for the solar polishes! Got a fair few Ruby Wings!

  2. What a lovely quad! I think my favorites are the blue crelly that I wish didn't have the word "wasp" in the name since I am highly allergic to them and have suffered greatly because of them. And the Feelin' Crabby is so gorgeous despite the fact that you said it took an extra coat or two. Such a lovely shade! I have never heard of a solar polish before, unless they used to be called something else?

  3. Dang, these are all stunners! I'm Cephea Jellyfish Might be my favorite tho.


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