Sunday, December 13, 2020

KBShimmer Love At Frost Sight Part 2

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I am back with the 2nd part of the Love At First Sight Collection from KBShimmer.  This second half is all about those color shifting multi-chromes.  The first half was covered here.

Let's get to the details!

Name: Love At Frost Sight 

Price:  $11 each

The first polish is the one that has everyone talking, Obsidian.  Obsidian shifts from a deep black to umber, crimson, orange, and gold. Photos show 2 coats with glossy finish.  The shift is strong on Obsidian and was easy to capture.

Next is Stay Salty, which shifts from navy to purple and has a seafoam green base.  Photos show 2 coats with shiny top coat.  The shift on Stay Salty is more subtle.

Dragon On and On is my favorite.  It is a sapphire blue that shifts from navy to cerulean to purple.  Photos show 2 coats with glossy finish.  The shift was easy to capture.

The last polish of the 4 new multichromes is Much Lava To You.  It is Obsidian with the addition of holo!  Photos show 2 coats with glossy top coat.  Similar to Obsidian, the shift was easy to capture.

Loves: My favorite of the collection is Dragon On and On - that purple to blue shift makes me weak in the knees.  I also have a soft spot for vampy shades and Obsidian is spot on!

Wishes: Now that we have the gorgeous vampy Obsidian, I kind of want to see all chromes shift to black.  


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  1. As usual, beauties from KBShimmer. I'm always impressed with what she creates. I have to go with Dragon On as my favorite.

  2. These shades are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I LOVE all the KBShimmer! Such a great indie brand.

  4. I have to agree, Dragon On and On is my favorite too! That glow, WOW!!!

  5. Obsidian has such a unique shift! Really pretty!


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