Friday, October 9, 2020

MDJ Swatch and Review

 Greetings and Nailutations!

*Several items in this post were gifts with purchase.*

UPDATES made with "EDIT."

Today I'm sharing some MDJ Creations products.  I purchased a few polishes and was sent Smooth Finish (a fast drying top coat), a polish, and an essential oil multipurpose ointment. with my order to review.   

Let's get to the details!

The first polish I purchased was Greater Depths is a deep dark plum burgundy red holo that covered perfectly in 2 coats.  Greater Depths is topped with Smooth Finish Fast Dry Top Coat.

Next I selected In Love With A Lie, which is a pink holograhpic polish with gold glitters.  Photos show 2 easy coats with Smooth Finish Fast Dry Top Coat.

I also selected Golden Rule, a golden flakie topper with bits of holo added to create a rainbow.  Photos show one coat over ring finger and pinky and sponged one both my pointer and middle finger.  Everything is topped with Smooth Finish Fast Dry Top Coat.  

The last polish I selected was Dragon's Den, which is described as a teal holographic polish.  Photos show 2 coats topped with Smooth Finish Fast Dry Top Coat.

I was sent Fierce (sorry no longer available) which is a fuchsia holo with purple and gold glitters.  Photos show 2 coats with Smooth Finish Fast Dry Top Coat to finish it off.

I was also sent the Essential Oil Multipurpose Ointment.  It contains frankincense, lavender, melaleuca, roman chamomile, shea butter, coconut, almond, olive oil.  It is to be used to help with a multitude of skin related struggles - burns, bruises, cuts, scrapes, new tattoos, inflammation, eczema as well as some properties of the ointment target skin aging troubles (firmness, wrinkles). 

I'm excited to see what it can do, but struggled a bit with the scent a bit since I am not a fan of lavender, nor the minty scent of it.  EDIT: I attempted to use it more but could not get past the scent. 

The last item scent to me was the Smooth Finish Fast Dry Top Coat.  This was my first experience with MDJ Creations Top Coat and I was impressed.  It dried my mani in record time and allowed me to go about life without the worry of denting!

EDIT: I was initially impressed, but after using it a few time, I noticed the shrinkage that I experienced with any mani that was not 100% dry.  

Loves:  The polish colors are all gorgeous and applied perfectly!  I also love a good flakie topper, especially when it can be used for both a glitter bomb and a topper.  I was really blown away by the top coat - it was a nice surprise!  The quick drying action amazed me and I will definitely be reaching for it when swatching!

Wishes: The one thing I would change would be to either make the Essential Oil Multipurpose Ointment scentless or to be able to select other scents besides Mint/Eucalyptus.  I also wish that the top coat didn't cause shrinkage.  After interacting with the brand - I also wish that the same message wasn't sent to multiple people to request them to make an order and they will get PR - this is a shady practice.

MDJ Creations

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  1. I absolutely love those gold nails. Great color choices.

  2. So multidimensional! Love all the shades!

  3. Really happy to learn about a brand I wasn't aware of. I love the pink.

  4. Such pretty polishes and I'm kinda curious about the balm treatment too!


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