Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Red Eyed Lacquer's Bubbilicious Quad

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Today I am sharing an adorable collection created by Red Eyed Lacquer called the Bubbilicious Quad.  Bianca, the owner of Red Eyed Lacquer, was inspired by a photos of her daughter and bubbles.  What do you think of when you think of bubbles?

Did you say shifting colors?  If you did - you are right!

Let's get to the details.

Name: Bubbilicious Quad
Price: $42 for the set or $10 for the topper and $11.50 for the multichromes
Availability: Available August 27th, 11am EST

First up is Float On, a pink to orange multichrome with purple/copper/green shifting aurora shimmer. Photos show 3 coats with glossy finish, but you can get away with 2 for total opacity.

Next is Sudsy, which is described as a blue to green multichrome with indigo/purple shifting aurora shimmer.  This is one of my faves of the quad - check out that shift!!  Photos show 3 coats, but 2 coats will provide opacity.  Shown here with a glossy top coat.

Pop, Pop, Pop! is my other favorite of the collection.  It is describe as a blue/green/purple multichrome with indigo/puprle shifting aurora shimmer.  Similar to the above polishes, photos show 3 coats but 2 coats will suffice with a glossy top coat.

The last polish is a fun flakie topper called Baubles.  It contains a mix of red/gold/green/pink/purple/teal/blue/mauve multichrome flakies.  I wanted to show case it as a topper as well as sponged on as a flakie bomb!  Pointer and middle finger show 1 coat over The Force and ring and pinky has Baubles sponged on.

Loves:  Besides the inspiration being so cute and adorable (I love being able to connect makers to their passions beyond creation polish), the shifty multichrome shades are stunning.  I also love that the topper can be used as a sponged one look or as a topper.

Wishes: I am hoping to see more candid photos from makers for their inspirations.  It's a great way to peek inside their lives - I mean they are our indie-celebrities.

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  1. Multichrome nail polishes are always so stunning! Beautiful collection

  2. Oh my goodness, I love the colour shift in Pop, Pop, POP!

  3. These are so pretty. I haven't worn a multichrome in a while so I'd really like these especially Pop Pop Pop.

  4. Gorgeous collection! I love Sudsy and especially Float On. Your sponged on flakies look is incredible! I have never tried Four Eyed Lacquer but clearly I must

  5. So many gorgeous choices in this collection!

  6. I love these kinds of tones! The multichromes even have some sparkle to them


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