Monday, April 27, 2020

Red Eyed Lacquer: Star Wars Duo

Greetings and Nailuations!

*Press Sample*
Red Eyed Lacquer has released a Star Wars Duo - inspired by the Light Side & Dark Side.  They are available now.
NOTE: I am the worst blogger ever!  I received this duo a while ago and then attempted to swatch with the magnet I had on hand and no dice - I saw no shift.  I ordered 2 new magnets and I am still waiting on them, all the while - Red Eyed Lacquer has released and SOLD OUT of this duo TWICE NOW!!  LOL.  (She didn't need my blog post anyways.)  But, she is planning on another restock and I wanted to get something posted even if I can't demonstrate the magnetic shift in one of the polishes.

First is the Light Side: This Is The Polish You're Looking For, which has a navy blue base with pink/violet/red/copper multi chrome finish and blue/gold/green/teal shimmer.  Once I put this one - WOW!  That shift was amazing!  I couldn't get over it!  It applied like a champ and photos show 2 coats with glossy top coat.

I also wanted to see what it looked like matte - my knees got weak people!

The Dark Side: Is It Me, Or Is It Darth In Here is the magnetic, which I failed at.  (I'm sorry.)  BUT, I will say that I love this color and it almost gave me a "wood grain" effect on the macro.  It is described as a rusty red Magnetic polish with champagne shimmer.  Photos show 2 coats with glossy top coat.

And I also mattified this polish!

I had to do some fun nail art too!  Leopards & snakes anyone?

Loves:  This Is The Polish You're Looking For is a stunner.  The shift across all nails is amazing and I know I shall be reaching for this again.  I also love the shade of Is It Me, Or Is It Darth In Here - it gives me fall vibes which I welcome all year round.

Wishes: Well, besides me wishing that I had a magnet that worked (it's on it's way and once I get it, I shall add photos in here of the shift) I kind of want a collection inspired by This Is The Polish You're Looking For - more polishes that do that amazing shift please!

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  1. The Light Side is exactly what I enjoy wearing. The Dark Side is warmer than I think looks good on me. I bet though that the magnet will make these even prettier than they already are.

  2. Though I don’t really get the Star Wars Light/Dark reference with this shades, they are both stunning. I have never tried magnetic polishes, so I appreciate these as they are!

  3. The first one if my fave. I dont really care about the magnetic trend, the polishes are just as pretty without!

  4. I’ve only tried magnetic polish once, I like how it looks. The first shade is my favorite

  5. That first polish has such a beautiful shift!

  6. These are SO gorgeous! I need to keep an eye out for the restock. I love magnetics!


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