Wednesday, October 2, 2019

October Indie Pick Up: Ginger Fizz Boutique The King Has Left The Building

Greetings and Waxutations!

*Press sample*
Today I am sharing with you the contribution from Ginger Fizz Boutique for the October Indie Pick Up!  The theme this month is Urban Legends.  Ginger Fizz Boutique picked one heck of a legend...the King!

Let's get to more details!

Scent: The King Has Left the Building
Cap: 75 US, 25 UK
Price: $5.00
Size: 3 oz wax brittle
Throw: 3/5 - the scent filled the kitchen and front room, I melted a few pieces of the brittle
Mix: soy wax blend
Color: blue with white marbling

Brand Description:  Warm musk and golden amber combined with hints of light citrus and spring flowers on a sweet woody background.  Top notes: citrus, Middle notes: jasmine, lily of the valley, bottom notes: woody, musk, amber

Cold Sniff: I instantly got a clean, just showered scent.
Hot Sniff: melting brought the bottom notes out a bit more, but I still got a strong clean scent.

One thing I love is that she always has the born on date.  :)

Check out that gorgeous blue pool of wax.

I also had to include a melt video.  Enjoy!

Loves:  I love the cleanliness of the scent.  While the description doesn't give the impression on how clean it would smell - I was really happy.

Wishes: I wish this scent had a matching body wash, shampoo, leave in conditioner (hint hint GingerFizz!  LOL)

As a reminder - all Polish/Indie Pick Up products can be purchase on their website October 4th - 7th.  Everything is $3 flat rate shipping.  Join their Facebook Group to find out all the details!

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  1. I loved your melt video. I have never tried wax melts. Do they completely disappear in your warmer?

  2. I love reading reviews of waxes! This one sounds like it smells amazing.

  3. What a great addition for PPU. This sounds like a great melt.

  4. That does have a pretty melting color, the scent sounds really nice too! Very fresh and good for a sunny day! Love a wax on a bright blue day with white puffy clouds and everything freshly vacuumed! LOL I'm weird!

  5. I’m not super keen on musk but I’ll bet there’s other scents I’d like.

  6. The scent combination sounds interesting, and I'm not sure if it is one I would love or not be crazy about. I do like the vivid blue hue!

  7. I love clean scents so this sounds like something I would enjoy!!! I love having little warmers in the bathroom so this scent would be perfect!

  8. Ohh, I love clean scents! All time favorite would be citrus, but after that I love that clean, just washed smell 🤗

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