Thursday, August 1, 2019

August Indie Pick Up: Ginger Fizz Boutique Animal Crackers Wax Melt

Greetings and Waxutations!

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Today I am sharing with you the contribution from Ginger Fizz Boutique for the August Indie Pick Up!  The theme this month is Carnivals/Circus and I have been loving the inspirations!  This is the first month of participation from Ginger Fizz Boutique and she has chosen Animal Crackers for her inspiration - you know those adorable pink and white cookies with fun sprinkles on them?  :)  I can't wait to show you more!

Let's get to more details!

Scent: Animal Crackers
Cap: 75
Price: $5.00
Size: 3 oz wax brittle
Throw: 4/5 - the scent filled the entire front part of the house, I melted a small portion of the brittle
Mix: soy wax blend
Color: pink with shimmer and adorable candy pearls in blue and white and pink and blue sprinkles

Brand Description:  Sugar cookies, cotton candy, butter crème and vanilla bean and fluffy white marshmallow

Cold Sniff: very sweet with the butter crème standing out
Hot Sniff: the sweetness softens and I picked up the sugar cookies and vanilla with an air of marshmallow.  (My husband came out from watching a movie in the master bedroom and asked what I was baking and he said he picked up cotton candy as a front scent)

Loves:  I love the soft sweetness of this scent.  And I will add, my husband even loved it (rare since doesn't like super sweet).  I love the inspiration and the scent brought me back to my childhood of eating those circus animal crackers!

Wishes: While I wish that Ginger Fizz Boutique sells out - but only after I can pick up an extra for myself!  :)

As a reminder - all Polish/Indie Pick Up products can be purchase on their website August 2nd - 5th.  Everything is $3 flat rate shipping.  Join their Facebook Group to find out all the details!

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  1. I wish I could try these wax melts. I'm just always afriad mt three year old will get into them and hurt herself or ruin my house! LOL when she is older i want to try stuff like this!

  2. How cute. Do the beads melt down too?

  3. what about the beads? are they made from wax also?

  4. These totally match the inspiration! How pretty! I think I wouldn’t want to melt them!

  5. This sort of sweet scent would really appeal to me.

  6. I just love sweet scents, there's something so homey about them!

  7. These look like candy! My kids would probably think I was hiding candy from them.

  8. It literally looks like something you eat, and now I want those circus cookies!

  9. Yum! That wax looks and no doubt smells super yummy!

  10. Oo is this what is coming back this year!

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