Friday, July 12, 2019

Music City Beauty Cuticle Oil and Body Spray Review

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Some staples in my daily personal self care include cuticle oil (used multiple times a day) and moisturizer (face and body).  I also love to use scents - perfume and body spray.  Queue Music City Beauty and their new products releasing July 28th....CUTICLE OIL AND BODY SPRAY!

Let's get to the details!
First let's review the cuticle oil:
Price: $5.50
Packaging: 13mL plastic roller ball
Scents: Peach, Black Raspberry Vanilla, Calypso Sun (fresh scent) and Berry Vanilla
Ingredients: Argan Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Safflower Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E and skin safe fragrance

My first thoughts on the cuticle oil were "oh no, a roller ball."  I typically feel like roller balls never give me enough product, but when I grabbed it and opened it up - something was different.  Instead of a glass bottle with metal roller balls (that always seem to get locked up), this was plastic and plastic.  I honestly was a little worried, but after using this for over a month - I'm still getting plenty of product and I like the plastic packaging.  I've dropped it a few times and didn't cringe when it hit a hard floor worried it would break.

It doesn't stop there - the formula has been quick absorbing and very moisturizing.  I haven't had to trim any skin on my swatch hand (it gets more love) since I've started using it.  I received Black Raspberry Vanilla and I appreciate it's softness.

Next let's take a closer look at the body spray:
Price: $10
Packaging: 8 oz spray bottle
Scents: Aloha, Spring Day (fresh scent) and Berry Vanilla
Ingredients: Water, surfactant, Polysorbate 20, Dispropylene Glycol, Glycerin, DMDM Hydantion, Burylated Hydroxy Tolouene and Frangrance

When I received the body spray, I was impressed that it was shrink wrapped to ensure that it arrived safely with no leaks.  First impression of the scent Aloha was "wow, this is bringing back memories of Hawaii."  I had to contact Kim from MCB and ask her what the scent notes were - Plumeria, Tiare Flower and Sugar Cane.  Yep - PLUMERIA!!  The state flower.

I looked at the ingredients and noticed no alcohol.  I used the body spray after showering and would spray and rub it in and I didn't need to use any lotion because this is a moisturizing spray.  It didn't leave me oily and was quick absorbing.  I also sprayed this in my hair and it's great that it doesn't dry out your hair.

Loves:  I love the packaging of the cuticle oil.  It's light weight and provides enough product in each application.  I also love the formula - my cuticles and nails have never looked healthier and happier.  I love the moisturizing body spray especially in the scent Aloha.  I am transported back to vacation in Hawaii.  The scent lingers throughout the day and when I brush my hands through my hair I can still smell Plumeria.

Wishes: While I enjoyed the packaging of the cuticle oil, I wish there was an option for a click brush pen as I love using those applicators to get oil under my nail as well.  For the body spray, the only thing I would change is making the labels oil proof, as I noticed that if my fingers got the spray on them and I touched the label, it would smear the labeling art/words/ingredients.

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  1. The oil in peach sounds wonderful. Summer personified.

  2. I have never used a cuticle oil before but it sounds easier than the thick cream i use. And peach? Yum

  3. I like plumeria fragrance. Going to check the body spray out!

  4. Your orange mani is giving me Halloween vibes. I like it.

  5. These both look fantastic! I will add some to my cart next time I order.

  6. The plastic roller ball sounds like it works great! And a body spray!? Sign me up.

  7. I love body mist sprays, the are so refreshing. The cuticle oil sound fab ♡

  8. I like roller ball cuticle oils for when I just need a touch-up of moisture!

  9. I personally feel like you can never have too much cuticle oil! lol. Both secents for the oil as well as the body spray sound devine!


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