Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Lantern and Wren Gel Polish Swatch and Review

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Hello!  Today I am going to be sharing a new product from Lantern and Wren, a stockist based out of Texas.  Gels!  Yes that is right, Lantern and Wren now carries their own gels.  Currently there are 22 colors offered and I was sent 5 shades to try out along with her Base Coat and No Wipe Top Coat!  I used an LED lamp on all my swatches.

Let's get to the swatches!  All swatches shown over latex peel off base coat - which at times didn't get a smooth base to start with.

First up is Blurple and boy does it appeal to my purple loving heart.

Next is Gooooooold! which is a golden shimmer polish.  WOW!  This one is the perfect polish for those that need work appropriate shades!  And it works great for a nail art base.

Then we have Classy Cloud.  It is a soft light blue.  This is the one where I struggled a bit with smoothness.  Part of it was my latex peel off base coat and the other part was my inability to keep the initial coat thin.

You Blue My Mind is next it is a stunning shade of blue that is sure to put a smile on your face.

The last shade and my absolute favorite is Pinktastic.  The pink is so vibrant and fun - the perfect shade for summer!

I also used the Lantern and Wren Base Coat and Top Coat with some chrome powder on my husband and I (yes, you read the right!).  We were at an indie event and we wanted to really highlight how amazing chromes can be with gel polish.

Loves: First - love love love Pinktastic and Gooooooold!  While I love a good Blurple, the bright fun pink and the soft shimmer really spoke to me.  I also love how easy they were to work with at home.  And my favorite thing about them - NO WIPE TOP COAT BABY!

Wishes: While an LED light worked fine, I would have liked to have compared the gel finish with a UV lamp.  With LED, I felt the surface was still a bit tacky - which wore off after an hour or so.  I definitely will be wanting the Red Orange!  I also hope that Lantern and Wren picks up more colors over time (maroon, dark green, navy, neons!).

Lantern and Wren

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  1. I've never worn a gel polish because of the difficulty of removal so knowing these remove easily is a plus in my book.

  2. Pinktastic is so fun! I love bright pinks!

  3. I think Blurple is my fave - so pretty!

  4. I'm really digging Classy Cloud. I've been overdosing on light blues, lately.

  5. I'm into that hot pink! I've got neon green and black on right now.

  6. Your top pinks are my favorites as well! I've been wanting to get more into gel polish lately and will have to check these out along with the other shade offerings!

  7. Nothing beats gel polish for shine! I always wear it when traveling.

  8. Looks like it works well with the chromes. I really like the first one, a pretty intensity of purple!

  9. I haven't seen many gels in the indie world! I really want to buy more from her because she is a Texan. :)

  10. Pinktastic is my fave also. Looks amazing!

  11. Those are all really pretty! I love wearing gels on vacation, hate having to worry about chips!

  12. Aww I love that he let you chrome his nails. I need to get a UV light for all the gel polishes I've been accruing.


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