Saturday, April 28, 2018

Road To Polish Con Week 7: Different Dimension, Glisten and Glow

Greetings and Nailutions,

*Press Samples*
Polish Con is fast approaching (tickets are for sale too!) and that means we are treated with ROAD TO POLISH CON polish releases by the vendors!  Week 7 starts April 30th and you will have a week to purchase this polish.  You can get them shipped real time, or save them all for 1 huge delivery (use code BEGINNAILSHOLD if you want it held).  Please use code BEGINNAILS for a free nail gift with purchase (glitter, rhinestones, etc).

Let's get to the details!

This week there are 2 holographic thermal - that's right...HOLO AND THERMAL!  I was so excited!

First up is Different Dimensions polish called Eat Drink, & Be Fairy which is described as "light purple to silver thermal holographic polish with a gorgeous color-shifting unicorn type shimmer, complemented by holographic silver galaxy micro glitters."  I'll be honest, I didn't read the description before I started swatching this polish and after the first coat dried I kept thinking it looked "off" because it changed color.  So mid-mani, I head over to my laptop and checked the info out - BOOM!  Thermal!  Photos show 2 perfect coats with glossy top coat.

Next is the Glisten and Glow polish called Fairy In Love and it is described as a "breathtaking teal to very light teal thermal holographic polish with mesmerizing pink and orange unicorn pigment with sparkles of holographic silver galaxy micro glitters.  I knew going into this one it was thermal, but I will comment that it is very subtle.  Photos show 2 easy coats with Glisten and Glow Top Coat.

I also had to adorn them with floral nail art too!

Shiny top coat: Glisten and Glow Top Coat

Polish Con Details
Code: BEGINNAILSHOLD if you would like to hold your polishes for 1 shipment, you will be invoiced for shipment at a later date and then your polishes will be shipped.
Code: BEGINNAILS for a free nail item with purchase

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  1. I love the temperature ombre effect!

  2. Eat Drink & Fairy is gorgeous thermal!

  3. Thermals fascinate me and these two are beautiful. I love how you always add artwork to your manis.

  4. I just love thermals!!! Ahhh gorgeous!

  5. Fairy in love is spectacular! Great swatches!

  6. What fun thermals! I remember when I first discovered indie thermals with glitter it totally blew my mind haha

  7. These are soo pretty and delicate colors! I love the subtle transition of the glisten and glow!

  8. Beautiful swatches and polishes. I love seeing thermals from these makers.

  9. I like how subtle the shift is in the G&G polish, and I naturally love the sparkle of both of these!

  10. I love the thermal shift in Eat Drink and Be Fairy. Nice name as well - it would make a lovely bridal polish.

  11. These are so cute and go nicely together!

  12. Holographic AND thermal?!?! I'm looooooving it!


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