Thursday, March 3, 2016

It Girl IG108 Stamping Plate Review Part 1

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Today I have a new stamping plate from It Girl Nail Art.  There are 3 new plates available for purchase: IG107 (inspired by the art deco movement), IG108 (inspired by the Art Nouveau movement) and IG109 (features fine lines and intricate details).  You can also purchase all 3 for a great deal.  I'll be sharing half the manis I created and my thoughts using IG108 plate in this post (the next post will have the second half of the manis).  In addition to stamping plates, she also has scrapers with nail sizes on them (see below in the photo).

Now let's get to the manis!

First up is an image that looks like flowers.  It stamped perfectly, so I wanted to make it look delicate with a gradient.  I started with EverAfter First Frost as my base and used Polish Pusher's Ultra Violet and Teal to add the color.  I stamped with What's Up Nails Creative Shop Stamper and Drip Drop Nail Paint's Yoga Pants and topped it with a shiny top coat.  This is probably one of my favorites!

Next is another floral type image.  I started with Polish M's Puppy Love and stamped with MPolishes' Fresh Perspective and What's Up Nails Creative Shop Stamper topped with a shiny top coat.  I love the darker pink on light pink stamping.

The structured image almost reminded me of a candle holder.  The base is Drip Drop Nail Paint's Valetine Prototype 003 stamped with MPolishes' Snowberry and Clear Jelly Stamper Super Soft Stamper topped with a shiny top coat.  I also used a rhinestone from Nails Redesigned.

The next image reminds me of seashells.  I will be honest and I had about 3 nail fails while trying to stamp on a 2nd finger and just gave up since it was 2am.  I'm saddened that this mani only shows the stamp on 1 finger, but I love this mani nonetheless.  Base is Pipedream Polish's Impromptu #1 stamped with Candied Apple Polish's Blank Canvas and What's Up Nails Creative Shop Stamper topped with a shiny top coat.

The last image for this post is an artistic scale pattern.  I like the originality of this image so I wanted to do something to make it pop.  I used Bliss Polish's Ice Castles stamped with Jenna Hipp's Just One Bite and What's Up Nails Creative Shop Stamper topped with a shiny top coat.

Other Products used:
Shiny Top Coat and Gem Block Liquid Latex: Dream Polish
Stampers: What's Up Nails Creative Shop Stamper & Clear Jelly Stamper Super Soft Stamper

Details: There are 3 new plates available for purchase ($13.50 USD each) or you can purchase all 3 ($35 USD) for a limited time.

Loves:  With It Girl, I love that her images are original and the plates are collections in themselves with a cohesive theme.  They all stamped perfectly and are large images.  I can used 1 image to stamp 2 fingers!  I must also add that I love the scrapers!  They are stiffer cards than others I have used

Wishes:  The other 2 new plates look amazing as well!!  I will be putting them on my wish list!

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  1. Oh my goodness...these are all stunning on you. I've heard good things about itGirl, I'll have to check them out.

    1. Yes, I have had luck with every image. The best part is that she just changed to having everything in stock now too.

  2. These are so pretty! I think the third one is my favorite!

  3. These are all lovely designs and I love the looks you put together with them! The last mani with the scale pattern is my favourite - I love the colour palette you used!

    1. Thank you Katherine! I like to try to push the limits with colors and what "should" go together. I really like making contrasting colors go together. :)

  4. These are all amazing. The designs seem to float on the nail!

  5. Gorgeous plate and mani's! I am in love with the first one, it reminds me of stained glass :) x

  6. I loved all the designs. Such beautiful nail art. <3

  7. Lovely stamping designs, my favourite is also first one, because who does not like perfect gradient with delicate stamping :) your macros are very impressive.

  8. Your stamping is just perfect! I love the gradient on that first manicure <3

  9. Fantastic plate and gorgeous manicure. I love the one It Girl Plate I own and I would love to add more to my collection.

    1. I love the sizes of the images - I can get 2 fingers from 1 stamper. :)

  10. oooh! these are exactly the type of stamping design i like!

  11. These are all beautiful. I've been using Nicole's plates almost non-stop lately. I love, love, love them.


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