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Bellaluna Cosmetics Birthstone Collection January-April

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Today I have the first 4 months of the Bellaluna Cosmetics Birthstone Collection.  Bellaluna Cosmetics carries 5-free indie nail polish that doesn't contain 5 of the harsh chemicals that can be found in polish.  This collection contains a variety of colors and finishes that everyone should be able to find a favorite!

Now let's get to some swatches!

Let's start with January's polish called Garnet Fever.  Garnet Fever is a red-plum jewel toned glitter jelly.  The red plum jelly contains magenta small hexes and micro glitter.  It applied perfectly and is my favorite of the 4 - I have a thing for maroons.  Photos show 2 coats with shiny top coat (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th photos) and matte top coat (6th, 7th and 8th photos).

Next is Amethyst Dream, for February.  It is a purple jelly that contains little flakes of purple and iridescent glitters.  This was a close second for favorite.  It applied easy and photos show 2 coats with shiny top coat (1st, 2nd 3rd and 4th photos) and matte top coat (6th, 7th and 8th photos).

Aquamarine Queen is the polish for March.  Aquamarine Queen is a pale light blue creme with just a hint of blue shimmer that peeks out when it hits the light.  Photos show 2 coats with shiny top coat.

April's polish is a holographic top coat, called April Showers, which can turn any color polish into twinkling holo goodness!  I selected a neon blue (Beach Ball from Liquid Kandi) to holo-ize.  Photos show 1 coat of April Showers over Beach Ball topped with shiny top coat.

May's polish was just recently released and it is a green holo glitter bomb!

Shiny top coat: Gem Glam Top Coat from
Matte top coat: Polish Matte'rs from

Loves:  I love that each month has a completely different finish!  It is making for a very diverse, yet cohesive collection because the quality of the polish is what pulls it all together.  My favorites are the glitter jellies....I can't resist them!  Another added plus is that all Bellaluna Cosmetics products are 5-free so they don't contain 5 of the harsh chemicals that can be found in polish.

Wishes: So far, I am in love with this collection and I can't wait to see what my birthday month brings...December!  I hope more jellies are in store for the collection!

Do you have a favorite of these 4?  What is your dream polish that would be inspired by your birthstone?

Happy Polishing,
Kristi aka @BeginNails

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