Thursday, April 30, 2015

Girlosity Cosmetics Swatch and Review

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Today I have a new indie on the block called Girlosity Cosmetics.  I will be sharing most of the new Nature's Vivids Collection and one other polish from her initial collection.  What do you think of when you hear Nature's Vivids?  The color of the sky?  The color of the ocean?  Maybe a bird or a flower?  Or how about some natural elements?  Those are images that Girlosity Cosmetics used as inspiration for her newest collection.

Now let's get to some swatches!

First up is a polish from her initial release called Luscious Lavender.  Luscious Lavender is a soft dainty lavender crelly with silver micro flecks.  It applied smoothly and had perfect formula.  Photos show 2 coats with shiny top coat.

Now we will get into the Nature's Vivids Collection with Violet Sky.  Violet Sky is a sheer purple glitter jelly that contains purple holographic hexes and micro glitter.  Photos show 3 coats over 1 coat of Luscious Lavender with shiny top coat.

Next we do some bird watching with Peacock Feathers which is a sheer shimmery teal with teal hexes.  This polish is beautiful and formula was easy to work with like the others from the collection. Photos show 3 thin coats over 1 coat of Luscious Lavender with shiny top coat.

Now let's check out the beautiful natural element of gold!  It is imagined in a gorgeous glitter topper called Gold Rush.  Gold Rush contains gold squares, hexes in a few sizes and micro glitter all in a perfect suspension base.  Perfection means there was absolutely zero glitter fishing...all the glitter is floating perfectly!  Photos show 2 coats dabbed on over Polish My Life's Little Red Dress with shiny top coat.

Pacific Breeze has us heading to the ocean to look at the deep blue waters.  Pacific Breeze is a blue sheer shimmer with blue squares and hexes in a few sizes.  This polish looks stunning on it's own and it pops over black as does Violet Sky and Peacock Feathers.  Photos show 3 coats on it's own with shiny top coat (1st photo) and 1 coat over Rimmel Black Satin with shiny top coat ( and photos).

And lastly we have a girl's best friend....why diamonds of course!  Liquid Diamonds is a silver holographic glitter topper that looks amazing over any color.  I have 2 coats over  Jenna Hipp's I Cast A Spell On Blue topped with a shiny top coat.

There is a 6th polish in the collection called Blooming Hibiscus and it is magenta sheer glitter shimmer polish.

Shiny Top Coat: Gem Glam Top Coat from

Loves:  I love that the polishes look amazing over a light color as well as a dark color.  It's great when polishes are versatile to be used in a light and a dark look.  Another added plus is that Girlosity Cosmetics lacquers are 5-free so they don't contain any of the 5 harsh chemicals that can be found in some polish.  And ZERO glitter fishing was another love of this collection!

Wishes:  I love the colors imagined along with the finishes of these polishes.  I'd love to see this expand to more colors, like a yellow shimmer and a green shimmer!

Happy Polishing,
Kristi aka @BeginNails

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