Saturday, January 31, 2015

CDB Lacquer Valentine's Duo Swatch and Review

Greetings and Nailutations!

*Press Sample*
Today I have a glitter-tastical very Limited Edition Valentine's duo from CDB Lacquer to share with you.  They release February 1st, so make sure you set your alarms!

Now let's get to some swatches!

First is Deep Desire, a micro glitter bomb.  Deep Desire contains red, maroon micro glitters and silver micro flakes.  This polish can be worn alone or as a glitter topper.  The formula on this polish was AMAZING.  It applied evenly and was smooth.  This polish also comes with a red, black and silver holographic bag of hearts.  Photos show 3 thin coats to obtain total opacity and shiny top coat.

The second polish of the duo is Sweet Kisses and is also a micro glittter bomb.  Sweet Kisses can also be worn on it's own or as a glitter topper.  It contains pink, magenta, and silver micro glitter and white dots.  It also comes with a small bag of pink, white and silver holographic heart glitters.  Photos show 2 coats with an additional coats sponged on with shiny top coat.

Top Coat: Virtuous Top Coat
Bows: Charmingly Simple Nail Art

Loves:  I will be honest, I have stayed away from micro glitter bombs because my previous experience with one (from another indie brand) fell short of expectations due to really thick formula.  CDB Lacquer has PERFECTED the micro glitter bomb with a smooth formula that is very easy to apply.  She has made me re-evaluate my previous assumptions of the micro glitter bomb and now I need to explore them!  My favorite of these two is Deep Desire!  CDB Lacquer also has 5 free polishes, so they don't contain 5 of the nasty chemicals that can be in polish.

Wishes:  I now wish to try more micro glitters!  I hope CDB Lacquer makes more!!!

Information - stay connected with release, restock information and sales:
Store: CDB Lacquer
Instagram: @cdblacquer

Happy Polishing,
Kristi aka @beginnails


  1. Thank you! I'm glad my glitterbombs make you want to try glitter again! <3

  2. Thank you! I'm glad my glitterbombs make you want to try glitter again! <3

  3. Deep Desire is so gorgeous! I just love the depth and sparkle to it.


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