Monday, October 14, 2013

e.l.f. Disney Villians Review & Giveaway!

Greetings & Nailutations!

My goal for this blog is to be mostly indie (or independent aka non-mainstream polish reviews), however I could not resist a nail polish that has the word Disney in the title.  I am an avid lover of Disney and go yearly with my husband & since we do not have kids we borrow my niece & nephew to spoil them like crazy.

e.l.f. & KISS joined with Disney to create this limited edition line of products only to be sold at Walgreens for the month of October which includes nail polish in the form of minis, eye make up, nail art kits and cosmetic bags.  I went in search of this elusive polish cube that I had only seen pictures of on Instagram one weekend & found nothing at all in the nearby Walgreens.  The following weekend it took 2 different Walgreens locations & I was able to find the "holy grail" with the help of my husband and a helpful Walgreens employee who called around to others within the area to see if anyone else had it.

Here is the cube & all the different sides.  In all was the female villains in these movies who had the best make up.

I didn't pick up any eye make up or cosmetic bags, but here are the photos of the nail art kits.  Each comes with caviar beads, striping tape, loose glitters, cuticle stick, flat brush, nail glue, nail art stickers and rhinestone stickers.  They even have an example of how to use the nail art supplies for a cute design.

I must admit the colors are not exotic, they are colors that most nail addicts will already have in their collection.  But they come as cute little minis & the best part is that they have complete coverage (they are opaque) with just one coat!  Below are my swatches - note, I did not want to swatch 12 separate polishes, I love nail polish, but I wasn't that patient & wanted to see all the colors so I did designs with each mini-collection.

The first set is Ursula which includes a beautiful mint green called Mint Cream, a brilliant coral called Coral Dream and lastly, my favorite of the three a black crelly (meaning it is more cream like instead of jelly or see-through) lacquer with micro blue glitters in it called Sea Scape.

The next set is Maleficent which has a cute pink called Bubblegum Pink, a calming mauve called Mod Mauve and a glitter purple jelly called Gina Girl with purple & gold glitter floating around.

The third set is Evil Queen which contains a metallic gold called Pot Of Gold, a beautiful shimmery maroon called Cranberry and a pretty grey called Thunderstorm.  The grey looks more black in these photos, but I assure you, it is grey (or gray depending on how you feel today)


Lastly there is Cruella De Vil which has three polishes where the names describe their colors being Nude, Smoky Brown and Smokin Hot (which is a red).  I love the formula and wanted to show that only 1 coat is needed, so this last swatch of Cruella De Vil is using 1 coat for all colors, yes 1 coat!  I got complete coverage with just 1 coat which will make the minis last all the more longer!

Pros: Formula was top notch & 1 coat was sufficient on every color, colors are cute, great deal price-wise, limited edition, Disney....need I say more? Great nail art ideas & fun supplies.
Cons: most of these colors are pretty common to most nail polish addicts' collections I (or you) really need them?  Um....YES!!  Did you not see limited edition & Disney?

Do you want to win the polish set & a nail art set?  Do you want to win 2 art sets?  That is 2 prizes for 2 winners!  Click the link below to enter!
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Happy Polishing!
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